How long is it better to sleep at noon?

Many people have the habit of taking a nap, especially for office workers. The short break of the nap can make us more energetic in the afternoon. But the question of how long to sleep in the afternoon is controversial, how long does it take to sleep in the afternoon? it is good?

10-20 minutes

Ideal for restoring alertness and energy, this length of nap is limited to very shallow, non-rapid eye sleep, so you can get up to work immediately when you wake up.

30 minutes

This length of nap may lead to the phenomenon of 'sleep sluggish' after waking up: a state similar to drunkenness. The restoring effect of sleep itself will also lag behind.

60 minutes

This length of nap can make the body reach the deepest slow wave sleep, which is beneficial to improve declarative memory (such as: name, text). The negative effect is that there is also sleep insufficiency.

90 minutes

This is a complete sleep cycle, including: light sleep, deep sleep, rapid eye movement sleep (REM), and often accompanied by dreams. This helps improve mood, procedural memory (eg, cycling, playing the piano) and creativity , and easy to wake up, no sleep sluggish. But for office workers, noon should not have so much time to sleep.

In summary, for office workers, the best afternoon time is no more than 30 minutes. Studies have shown that people go to sleep for more than half an hour, then go from shallow sleep to deep sleep, when the brain's central nervous system is deepened. The blood flowing through the brain tissue is relatively reduced. If you wake up at this time, because the suppressed cerebral cortex is not excited, the brain will have a temporary relative blood supply deficiency, causing temporary autonomic dysfunction, and will wake up. Feeling more sleepy.