Samsung Gear S watch changed its name, Galaxy watch trademark officially registered

Samsung's smart wearable devices have always been named after Gear S, but Samsung seems to have the intention of streamlining the product line in its recent brand strategy. So Samsung recently officially registered the Galaxy Watch product brand, and the future 'Galaxy Watch' will Will replace 'Gear S' and become the sole name of Samsung smart watch.

As the biggest competitor in the Samsung mobile phone market, Apple maintains a high degree of uniformity in the naming of all its products. As Apple's signature smart wearable device, Apple Watch is easy to understand in both Chinese and English, while Samsung's Gear S is different from Samsung's most well-known Galaxy, which makes Galaxy lose a powerful smart product, which makes the Gear S watch greatly reduced in popularity. I believe that after changing its name to Samsung Galaxy Watch, people are smart about Samsung. The awareness of the watch will improve.

After the official registration of the trademark, will the new Galaxy Watch watch be unveiled at the Galaxy Note 9 conference in August? And after the name change, can the Gear S watch further increase sales? Let us wait and see.