Prosperity sees the truth | Skyworth's latest OLED TV S8A

Tired of complicated design elements, looking tired and fascinating, looking for a simple and pure world? Skyworth's latest MAX OLED TV, 30th Anniversary Edition of S8A, using Bauhaus minimalist design, application of OLED Pixel control, OLED health eye protection, Xiaowei AI, magic sound technology +, DTS: X transit sound and other technologies, to bring consumers a product that is suitable for people to shine.

Skyworth S8A

Bauhaus minimalist design

The Skyworth S8A adopts Bauhaus's minimalist design style, which shifts the focus of the design to the person itself, discards the appearance of the gorgeous impetuous, removes the traces of man-made, and satisfies the maximum functional requirements with less 'visual noise'. Concise but not lost style.

True full screen

Specifically, Skyworth S8A is a full-screen front. Compared to other TVs, it has four sides, and the edges below the screen are removed. Thanks to the slimness of the OLED screen, Skyworth S8A has a slim body of 4.7mm; no screws On the back panel, the designer cleverly removes the screws on the S8A back panel to achieve visual zero noise, and is equipped with deep gray tones, giving people a feeling of low-key, restrained and simple and beautiful.

Screwless back plate

OLED pixel light control

Skyworth S8A TV adopts OLED screen, the display effect is far more than the LCD screen, which can realize pixel control, each pixel independently controls the illumination, brings the ultimate contrast, powerful display capability brings incredible local detail and overall picture Transparency. On the OLED screen, the black field is deep and the details are full. When the image quality is unchanged, the wide viewing angle can be achieved. The brightness and color are not attenuated at any angle, and the fast moving picture is displayed. , without tailing and shaking, the picture is smooth and clear, without losing the details of the picture.

In addition to pixel control, OLED also features high contrast, high dynamic range, extremely fast response, ultra-wide viewing angle, non-toxic wide color gamut, etc. In Skyworth S8A TV, we can even see each of the night sky. Glittering stars. And each pixel of the OLED screen accurately emits the light needed for imaging. It does not contain harmful blue light that has a strong stimulating effect on the human eye. It can reduce damage when viewed for a long time.

In terms of sound effects, Skyworth S8A TV is equipped with Magic Sound Technology +, DTS: X Rintom Sound Technology, which provides 360 degree immersive surround experience. Skyworth S8A also has sports mode, comprehensive image quality and sound quality technology, through stable motion picture , enhance the detail performance, eliminate the background noise, enhance the commentary sound, etc., better restore the live scene of the sports game, let the user feel the hot atmosphere of the event.

Artificial intelligence system, far field speech

Systematic, Skyworth S8A adopts the cool open AI system, supports face recognition, multi-channel projection, TV party and other functions. It can identify different users through face recognition, recommend different content according to user preferences. At the same time, it is equipped with MIMO technology and supports multiple signals. At the same time, the screen can be placed on the TV. The other half of the screen can be used to play TV dramas without disturbing each other. The TV party is a mobile phone game, and there is any good content on the Internet that can be pushed by one button.

Skyworth S8A also has a special feature in control. It has far-field voice function, combined with artificial intelligence 'Xiaowei AI', provides excellent voice control, no need for remote control, empty talk, TV can be 360 ​​degrees within 5 meters All-round recognition of the user's voice needs. When the user sees the famous star on the TV, but does not know what to do? Xiaowei AI can accurately identify the image, answer questions in real time, and will not face blindness in the future. At the same time, Xiaowei AI can also be realized. Multi-round dialogue, will not ask the next question, forget it, smart.

Overall, Skyworth S8A's OLED TV combines the highest-end image quality technology, intelligent functions, and unique design. Its fusion of fashion and technology is unforgettable.