Dark light proofs: Huawei P20 series is called the eye of the night god

In today's rapid development of mobile phone hardware performance, people's requirements for mobile phone camera functions are also changing with each passing day. In the daytime, there may not be much difference between each flagship model, but in the dark situation, most of the mobile phone's photo shorts are exposed. The next shot is a very challenging thing, especially for mobile phones that are limited in size and cannot carry larger sensors.

Although dark light shooting is not an easy task, the low light scene often carries the mystery, magic and even romantic feeling that can't be compared during the day. It may be a gorgeous city night scene, perhaps a quiet ancient lane ramp, perhaps The mysterious starry sky, perhaps a symphony of cymbals, in addition to listening, perhaps you also want to see the beauty of the symphony, and the symphony is often indoors, the light is very dark.

At this time, if you are holding a Huawei P20 Pro phone, with a 1/1.7-inch CMOS image sensor, it will bring an ISO value of 102,400 (this is the sensitivity of professional Canon 5D III SLR), no matter how dark the light is. It can produce proofs that are clearer, more colorful, and less noisy.

In particular, it is capable of handheld shooting of night scenes up to 6 seconds without blurring. The Huawei P20 series uses the new technology 'AIS' (AI Image Stabilization) in night scene mode. This technology is mainly analyzed by AI technology. The feature points of each picture, extract the brightest and clearest part, and finally superimpose the photos, and balance the illumination of each element in the picture to get the perfect night scene image. Even the dark symphony is not afraid, or it is dimly lit. Silent wilderness, or the city's night scenes, in the 'eyes' of the Huawei P20 series, can capture the beauty of art that is invisible to the human eye.

Photographer CLOUIN KIM shooting proofs

As shown in the photo by photographer CLOUIN KIM, a girl in a black dress, in the colorful water, in general, this large film can only be used to shoot with SLR, but in the Huawei P20 Pro rear three shots and super Under the blessing of the outsole, the light is very clear, especially the facial expression of the model is still clearly visible. In the color expression of the sample, the red color is bright, the blue is glamorous, and the black is charming. This is mainly due to the Huawei P20. Pro's 徕卡德味色, intense but not exaggerated, the focus is sharp and soft outside. In the imaging performance, sharp and take into account the details of the dark part, it can be said that the Huawei P20 Pro's Leica three shots are excellent in the details and color of the sharp dark parts. .

Photographer CLOUIN KIM shooting proofs

The same as the above, it fully reflects the high dynamic range, high latitude, high image quality of Huawei P20 Pro mobile phone. A beam of light hits the model's face, the face light is not white, pure color rosy, eyelashes Clear, these details are well preserved, and the water ripples in the dark are not dark.

Such excellent photographic effects also allowed photographer CLOUIN KIM to take a group of portraits under the dark light. There is no doubt that the handheld P20 Pro mobile phone's handheld super night scene mode and the 徕卡德味 color make it the photo under the current extremely weak light. The strongest mobile phone, no one.

After reading this group of dark light movies, is there also an impulse to try? If you are also a photography enthusiast, you are holding the Huawei P20 series mobile phone at hand, then you may actively participate in the 2018 Huawei new video contest, which has a special 'night beauty. 'Group. I believe that with the excellent dark light camera strength of Huawei P20 series, ordinary users can also easily have a large film effect, maybe the final surprise prize is waiting for you!

Huawei's new video contest participation details: Https://gallery.consumer.huawei.com/cn/index.php

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