Your personal personal assistant Find X is equipped with ColorOS 5.1 AI smart system

At present, the hottest on the Internet is OPPO Find X. In addition to the impeccable hardware, the software is also deeply optimized based on the user experience, and OPPO Find X is equipped with ColorOS 5.1 AI smart system for the first time. Bring a more user-friendly, intelligent new experience.

ColorOS 5.1 AI smart system is closer to the aesthetic preferences of young users. The gorgeous color rendering is very visual, and the new application icons, system wallpapers, fonts and animation effects are used to make the screen shine every time. The ColorOS 5.1 AI Smart System brings a new 'X-Type' font, which makes the overall system style more uniform, which is the evolution of the details of the ColorOS 5.1 AI smart system, only to give users more ultimate use. Experience.

Find X's performance on human-computer interaction also explains the future of OPPO. Find X is equipped with AI voice assistant for the first time, because it uses a smart low-power MIC with DSP module, so that the voice assistant can sound according to the sound. The environment automatically adjusts the performance, can wake up without two-hand operation, and wait for the user's command all the time. Find X also features the NXP noise reduction scheme, the wake-up rate can reach 95% in quiet environment, users can also unlock by voiceprint recognition. , more options are available on the unlock method.

The negative screen of the ColorOS 5.1 AI smart system is also presented in a more intelligent way on Find X. The user's recent itinerary, express information, hotspot information and other information will be presented on the negative screen, so that it can be seen at a glance and in real time. Complicated air ticket hotel information; free public WiFi; all the express information; daily sports step statistics, where your car is parked, or the latest schedule of the World Cup, you can see the negative screen smart assistant.

The ultimate innovation of hardware and the continuous polishing of OPPO in the software experience, make Find X have a more humane and more friendly human-computer interaction experience, and with the support of AI artificial intelligence, Find X has truly become the intelligence in user life. Assistant, also let Find X not bear the name of the future flagship.

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