TCL & Jingdong home appliance brand experience store has achieved great results | Online and offline dual channel integration has begun to show results!

Although Volkswagen's impression of 618 is generally on the line, but in the expansion of Jingdong's sales channels, Jingdong Home Electric Wire Store has also achieved amazing results in 618. Consumers not only stay online products when purchasing home appliances. Introduction, more to the scene, through the actual experience to more deeply understand whether home appliances meet their needs.

On May 3, TCL & Jingdong Home Appliances Brand Experience Store officially opened, and in May and June, it achieved amazing sales and sales volume, and passenger traffic increased to over 100%. For the current offline For the market, this number is quite amazing.

This change is not only the 'miracle' of TCL's single brand, but also the progress of the whole brand and all home appliances category. TCL, Wanjiale, Changhong Meiling, Shuaikang, Kangbao, Nirvana, Gion and other home appliance brands are also online, line The next two channels have gained strong empowerment and achieved great results in channel expansion. At present, these home appliance brands have launched dozens of stores online, and more home appliance brands will join them.

Although mobile shopping is now convenient enough, for consumers, the offline experience of the product is also an indispensable part. Only after truly touching and experiencing the product can the consumer truly understand whether its function is suitable for their home use. Eliminate the sense of distance from online shopping. Jingdong Brand Experience Store provides a coupon for consumers to communicate directly with the brand. Users can return to online purchase after the experience, and integrate online and offline to meet consumers. The consumption demand also creates a virtuous circle between different channels.

Xie Fan, general manager of TCL E-commerce Business Center, said that there is a huge difference between Jingdong home appliance brand experience store and ordinary home appliance store.

First of all, it is the intelligent transformation of the whole store. TCL & Jingdong home appliance brand experience store has smart probes, face recognition and other popular black technology, which can sense the user's identity when the customer enters the store, and pass the Jingdong University Data, draw a dedicated user portrait, can accurately perceive the user's needs. Through the directional recommendation to the user, not only can effectively improve the store's own profitability, but also make it easier for consumers to purchase products that meet the needs.

In the 2017 Home Power Grid Purchase Analysis Report, the market penetration rate of domestic power grid purchases in 2017 has exceeded 26%. However, today, with the rapid growth of home appliance consumption, consumers still have doubts about online shopping. Personal experience, floor space, height and other data is often the product can be intuitively felt to meet the conditions of use at home. Jingdong home appliance brand experience store through the online, offline channels of organic integration, overcoming the line, line The shortcomings of the next two aspects.

At the same time, the combination of online and offline channels not only fills in the shortcomings of the sales channels, but also exerts a powerful energy. The product models of online channel diversity enrich the product categories of offline stores, offline stores. It complements the inability to experience the product. Therefore, consumers can come to the live experience and purchase online, or they can find the entrance to the online store online, breaking through the boundaries between retail channels and making consumption. Really experience the fun of shopping in the store.

In addition, taking TCL & Jingdong home appliance brand experience store as an example, this is not just a traditional offline store, but also includes diversified and powerful strengths of warehousing, logistics and after-sales service. As the top domestic appliance sales platform, JD. The leading domestic appliance retail channel not only greatly expands the product category, but also provides users with a whole process intimate use experience from purchase to use through the high-quality service behind it.

From the scale of the online shopping appliance market, which has been increasing year by year, offline appliance stores are increasingly unable to meet the needs of consumers. Breaking the limitations of ideas can bring better service and experience to consumers. This TCL & Jingdong appliance brand experience The store uses strength to prove that the transformation of offline stores is the inevitable trend of the future. In the process, the big data provided by Jingdong, user scenes and other content have become a powerful 'armed' for the integration of online and offline stores. We all look forward to to bring more benign changes to home appliance shopping!

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After years of hard work, Jingdong Home Appliances' service strategy has formed a system and won the recognition of consumers. From 2013, the '30-day price protection, 30-day quality problem return, 180-day quality problem exchange', will be launched in 2017. It can provide consumers with one-stop professional customer service platform including “commodity information, logistics information, order after-sales, price protection application, etc.” Jingdong Appliances Small Secretary. From purchase to after-sales, we provide consumers with intimacy. The meticulous and thoughtful shopping experience has made a benchmark enterprise in the home appliance industry to improve market service standards. In 2018, Jingdong Home Appliances evolved from 'buyer power to Jingdong' to 'good service to Jingdong', released a platform service, sold The 'Beijing Umbrella Project', including the five major categories of pre-service, in-sale service, after-sales service, and value-added services, once again raised the level of home network purchase service to a new level.