2018, Beijing-East home appliances from the ' Buy Appliances on Jingdong ' evolution to ' good service on Jingdong ', the "Beijing umbrella plan", which includes platform services, pre-s

With the escalation of domestic consumption, not only the rise of the new middle class, but also three, four-line cities, as well as five, six-line city consumers, but also to a higher level of living standards have a higher pursuit. Among them, the home appliance product is become the object which the consumer sought after.

In this five, six-line city's ' Home appliance Storm ', there are some discerning people who see the business opportunities. Yang San Yuan was born in Heze Chengwu County village, before he was in Fujian Taijiang engaged in hydropower installation work. But for many reasons, he finally chose to return to his hometown, and in the Beijing East help to engage in distribution work.

In the process of distribution, he was directly perceived by consumers of the Beijing-East Platform Trust. Jing Dong Unique 30 days price protection and 180 days only to repair and other after-sales service, for the consumer to buy home appliances to provide a strong quality protection network. In fact, many consumers are also willing to buy the Beijing-east platform of home appliances products.

After many manufacturers settled in, from Jingdong can also buy quality such as household electrical appliances products, for local consumers, Jingdong itself is a symbol of quality. After a period of time in the Beijing-East distribution work, Yang San Yuan for the Beijing-East home appliances store also has a deep understanding. BEIJING-East home appliances store owners to join and promote the form of sales, including distribution, installation and other work to the Jingdong home appliance store completed. This kind of form not only the cost is low, also basically will not have the stock pressure.

Based on the Beijing-east platform of Trust, Yang San Yuan confidently decided to open a home of their own Jingdong appliance stores. Yang San Yuan in a local bustling shopping malls opened 1000 square meters of stores, the installation of the store and follow-up product distribution and after-sale are entrusted to the Beijing east to take over, to solve the problem of Yang San Yuan most headaches.

Not only that, the Beijing-East help in the weekly also wired to the new training sessions, and teach the appropriate sales skills, so that ' 0 basic ' beginners can quickly master the skills. Yang San Yuan is very serious about the job and is willing to listen to the consumer's views. Now many township economy has developed successively, but for today a wide range of household electrical appliances are still unfamiliar. In the purchase of air-conditioning, television and other home appliances, but can not install the use, have to find someone to install, but also to pay an additional installation fee.

In this respect, Jingdong stores from the distribution to the installation of the entire flow of services, can let the consumer satisfaction and return. Not only that, some older consumers, to see the invisible online shopping there are always some lingering doubts.

Just Yang San Yuan The offline store allows these consumers to experience the products they need, providing consumers with a more secure channel to buy. In the 618 promotions that have just ended last month, Yang San Yuan's stores have also been fruitful. In the 618 sales on the day to break the 600,000 yuan mark, the flow of passengers filled with 1000 square meters of space. In the face of such a good result, Yang San Yuan is full of confidence in the future, he also plans to expand the store, to provide consumers with higher quality services.

Based on the Beijing-east platform, I believe Yang San Yuan will bring consumers more intimate shop shopping scene.<<

﹥﹥ about Beijing-East appliance After years of hard work, the Beijing-East home appliances Service Strategy has formed a system, access to the broad masses of consumer recognition. ' 30-day price protection since 2013 30 days quality problem return, 180 days quality problem replacement ', to 2017 on line can provide consumers, including commodity information, logistics information, order after sale, price guarantee application, such as one-stop professional customer service Platform ' Jingdong electrical appliances Small Secretary '. From the purchase to After-sale, one-stop to provide consumers with intimate and thoughtful shopping experience, so that Jing-dong to become the home appliance industry to promote market service standards of benchmarking enterprises.