'AI Translation Officer' | Huang Zikai Pa Ping Candy Translation Mobile Phone S20 is on sale

In 2018, it was a good year for Huang Zikai. First, the starring "Declaration Officer" fire, followed by "This is Street Dance", "Creation 101" and other variety shows, sometimes humorous and serious personality attracted a large number of fans, Frequently occupying hot search, there are countless powders. Recently, Huang Zikai once again opened the screen mode as the 'AI translator officer'.

This time, it is because of his endorsement of candy translation mobile phone S20 new product release. Before the press conference, Huang Zikai x candy translation mobile phone S20 'chat chat with the world' theme blockbuster 1 hour forwarded to break 100,000; on the day of the conference, Huang Zikai with candy S20 strong Brush screen microblogging, #糖果翻译手机S20# topic quickly occupied the top three on the microblog topic list, reading more than 100 million; more popular in the whole network, first in Sina, Netease, Sohu and other major websites took turns to report bombing, tight Then it was broadcasted in Anhui Satellite TV, Shenzhen Satellite TV, Beijing Satellite TV, Jiangxi Satellite TV and other provincial satellite TV stations, and even boarded the CCTV "Great Country Brand" column.

At the same time, outdoor advertising across the country was also eye-catching by Huang Zikai. The candy translation mobile phone S20 will be the two landmarks of Shenzhen International Airport and Nanchang International Airport. It is occupied at Shenzhen International Airport. There are two gold advertising positions in the security checkpoint and arrival hall of the hall. It should be noted that in Shenzhen Airport, this outdoor high-altitude with strategic significance of the mobile phone industry, in addition to Apple Samsung and other brands, is a candy mobile phone, its overall strength can be seen.

'AI Translation Officer' Huang Zikai's 'Power', more than a night swept across the country. Wanda's new Huang Zikai and candy translation mobile phone S20 posters make people shine, no matter where you are, you can see him when you look up. Have to admire , Candy mobile phone and Huang Zikai linkage effect, the ability to brush the screen is really strong!

Not only that, 'AI Translation Officer' Huang Zikai also took the candy translation mobile phone S20 into the Jingdong headquarters building; candy translation mobile phone S20 as a new generation of 'transportation translation artifacts', is the brand cross-border, together with Jingdong, Tuniu, together to create The new era of trend travel, together make travel easier!

Behind the fierce tyrants, it is the candy mobile phone spokesperson, 'AI Translator' Huang Zikai, for the latest release of candy translation mobile phone S20 real name CALL. Candy translation mobile phone S20 with its unique AI translation, AI travel assistant, AI camera function Become a new artifact for outbound tourism. As the world's first translation mobile phone, the candy translation mobile phone S20 was fully sold online on July 10.

The candy translation mobile phone S20 uses translation as a breakthrough, connecting language communication, travel assistants, photo recording and other core elements of outbound travel, and is lighter and smarter. 'AI Translation Officer' Huang Zikai also shared an interesting experience about this mobile phone with you. .

How to express yourself to the world? Candy translation mobile phone S20 powerful translation function, let Huang Zikai convey what he wants to say to the world, understand the world's response. Candy translation mobile phone S20 supports text translation in 104 languages, so that he can see the world more More opinions; offline translation, even if you are a flying trapeze, you can easily read all kinds of information when you travel all over the world; mobile phones come with unlimited global traffic for eight days, no SIM card, and easy access to the Internet abroad; AI Travel Assistant Smart recommendation, preferential pay, very thoughtful and user-friendly, travel and walk away.

In addition, the AI ​​camera function uses the advanced AI beauty algorithm, with intelligent scene analysis and billions of beauty effects, adding fun AR shooting function, and supporting video file processing, making great trips in minutes, let The journey is more colorful.

Not only the real name of the popular idol, Huang Zikai, CALL, the Irish Tourism Board, the Italian National Tourist Office, the French Tourism Development Agency, the United States Guam Tourism Bureau, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other representatives of the institutions have also translated the mobile phone S20 platform. Breaking the traditional 'WIFI treasure +Translation machine + mobile phone's three-piece cumbersome mode, candy translation mobile phone redefines a new era of travel.

At present, the candy translation mobile phone S20 was fully launched on July 10th in Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, Vipshop and other e-commerce platforms. If you want to have the same translation artifact of Huang Zikai, then act quickly.

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