Ordinary hood is not strong enough? Extinction | 'Kitchen killer' | Also look at the excellent range hood brand

Health has become the focus of attention of the public today. Whether it is the 'Buddha Health' youth or the health products that parents love, it reflects the public's concern for health. But do you know that the soot produced in the kitchen is also A big 'healthy killer'?

According to a scientific report, long-term cooking under the oil smoke will cause a series of respiratory problems, the most serious may lead to fatal diseases such as lung cancer. Although the range hood has almost become the kitchen standard, some hoods can not The soot is completely sucked, so that the cook is still in an air polluted environment. At this time, it is obvious that a powerful hood has become the first choice for the public, but in the face of the market's dazzling array of products, which smoking hood brand is more reliable? ?

I believe that everyone is no stranger to Fangtai. As the leading brand of Chinese kitchen appliances, Fangtai has a huge foundation in the field of range hoods, and has won the favor of consumers with the 'fist product' wind magic cube. Fang Taifeng Rubik's Cube JQ01TB is a fusion The latest hood technology's 'big master'. The hood adopts a side suction structure, which eliminates the problem that the T-type hood is easy to pick up when cooking, making the cooking space more spacious. Not only that, the side suction structure is away from the soot. The source is closer, which can shorten the moving distance when the soot rises.

On this basis, the wind magic side JQ01TB also carried out a series of 'retrofits' on the outside of the range hood, so that the wind magic side not only has a face value bursting, but also a superior combat power. The wind magic side JQ01TB overall style is quite simple, the simple style design touch The panel reduces the number of operation buttons, leaving only the necessary buttons, which greatly simplifies the operation process. The central iconic orange circle adds a lot to the overall hood.

Some hoods have strong suction, but because of the lack of design, let the fumes escape. Fang Tai is designed to place the tuyere at a distance of 580mm from the cooker according to the principle of 'gold control tobacco zone', which can be used when the soot has not spread. At the same time, the wind magic side JQ01TB adopts a wide-angle convertible design, the suction can cover more evenly downwards, so that the oil smoke will not escape.

Under the exquisite appearance, the 澎湃 movement of the JQ01TB is hidden. The hood uses direct drive motor power, the maximum static pressure can reach 820Pa, and the maximum air volume can reach 22m3/min, which exceeds most of the current range hood products on the market. The larger air volume makes the smoke evacuation process faster. Despite the superior ability of the fume extraction, the noise generated by Fang Taifeng Rubik's Cube can far exceed your imagination. The minimum noise of the range hood is only 44dB, which makes you mute. Can feel the fun of cooking.

Such a strong power, high face value, significant smoke exhaustion effect, only excellent range hood brands can do it. If you are also a person with high requirements for quality of life, it is better to take a look at Fangtai range hood Let's go!