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When large-size TVs become the consumer trend that leads users to update, what TV is the most popular? The latest release of Zhongyikang's 27th week of 2018 (July 2 - July 8) data shows that in the best-selling list of TOP20 The Hisense 80-inch laser TV L5 is the only TV with more than 75 inches. This visual data once again shows that the official sponsor of the World Cup, Hisense, has made the laser TV industry's endorsement for the Chinese laser TV industry. The words are not words, but a true portrayal of market consumption behavior.

'Laser TV, China's leading 'Laser TV, the preferred choice for replacement', Hisense's recent speeches for the Chinese laser TV industry in the World Cup are eye-catching. Market data is the most intuitive presentation: Zhongyi Kang data display, Hisense TV 27th Weekly market retail sales share as high as 19.04%, far ahead of other TV brands.

In the TV market above 75吋, Hisense brand retail sales share is 26.73%, and retail sales share is 25.91%. Sony, Samsung and other domestic and foreign brands are behind, ranking first in the market. Among them, Hisense 80吋 laser TV L5 is the only TV with a rating of 75吋 or more. It has been ranked as the best seller in the top 20. Since its launch in mid-May, L5 has been eagerly received by the market, occupying the top ten in the best-selling list for five consecutive weeks, becoming the overall weak state of the color TV market. The most eye-catching new star.

With superior product competitiveness and market performance, Hisense 80吋 Laser TV L5 won the 'Top Ten TVs in 2018' at the 'China Digital TV Industry Development Conference'. Relevant experts predict that 'quality consumption' represented by laser TV It will be the key word for the second half of the 2018 color TV, and Hisense Laser TV is the 'big screen replacement' preferred.

In overseas markets, Hisense Laser TV is also popular. In the market data released by IHS, the average LCD TV price in North America in 2018 is about 486 US dollars, while Hisense 100 吋 4K laser TV price is 7999 US dollars, but still consumers. Welcome.

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