The World Cup is | 'With the goods king'! Laser TV drives Hisense to dominate the big screen market

It’s worthless to spend nearly $100 million to sponsor the World Cup. The World Cup has not yet reached its peak, and Hisense has once again declared its identity as the number one player in sports marketing with loud data.

According to Zhongyikang data, during the World Cup (22nd week to 26th week), Hisense Laser TV has captured 64.32% of the sales of super-large screen TVs of 80吋 and above, which means 80每 per ten units. And above, there are six of the large-screen TVs, which are Hisense Laser TVs. From the performance of the Baidu Index, during the World Cup (June 10 to July 9), 'Hisense Laser TV' keyword Baidu Index is larger than the previous year. Increased by 82%, a 45% increase from the previous month. It can be seen that this product is well-known and well-known. The World Cup is a veritable world's strongest cargo king.

Thanks to the driving of the laser TV during the World Cup for the Hisense TV big screen market, the 27th week (July 2 to July 8), Hisense TV in the 65-inch and above, 75-inch and above large-screen TV market Maintaining the splendid trend of 'China's first.' In the super-large-screen TV market of 65吋 and above, Hisense TV's sales share soared to 19.1%, and its sales share exceeded '20% red line', reaching 20.2%. In the super-large screen TV market above, the sales volume of Hisense TV is also as high as 25.91%, far exceeding Samsung, and Sony ranks first.

In addition to being in the forefront of the domestic market, the World Cup IP has also boosted the performance of Hisense Laser TV in overseas markets. During the World Cup, Hisense Laser TV performed a roadshow in Costco, the largest chain member store in the United States, among users who purchased products. There are many European and Asian CFOs of UPS, the world's largest express carrier, financial advisers driving the Maserati Roadster, Indian Indian customers with large plots of land and farms, American couples who are arranging modern style living rooms, etc. According to IHS The data shows that the average price of LCD TVs in North America in 2018 is about 486 US dollars, while the Hisense 100 吋 4K laser TVs far exceed LCD TV products, which is favored by the middle class.

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