Glory | 'Technical Year' | Breaking the ruin, glory 10 global sales broke 3 million

On July 11th, Glory Guanwei@荣耀手机 released Weibo: 'Glory 10 global sales broke 3 million units! 18 different languages, 24 countries and regions, #AI photography revolution glory 10# global continuous hot sale, won the proud Achievements!' Officially announced the glory of 10 global sales broke 3 million, this is after the 26-day domestic sales of millions of listed, glory 10 in the global market once shine.

As the flagship masterpiece of Glory 2018, Glory 10 has been well received by users since its launch. At the recent Glory 10GT Tasting, a Weibo fan said: 'Glory 10 is the most popular mobile phone I have ever seen', The result of consumer favor is that word of mouth and sales continue to rise. The first two minutes of sales, online full-platform sales broke 400 million yuan. During the 618 period, glory 10 is the sales of Jingdong & Tmall 2000-2999 yuan mobile phone category Three consecutive championships. China Mobile released "China Mobile 2018 Intelligent Hardware Quality Report", and Glory 10 won the 'hot spot mobile phone comprehensive evaluation ranking' 2000-3000 yuan price segment champion.

Not only that, but the glory of the glory in the overseas market is even more unpredictable. When the glory 10 domestic sales broke the million-dollar celebration, Zhao Ming has revealed that glory 10 overseas sales growth relative to glory 9 breakthrough 200%. At the same time, has been selling Status. In Malaysia, Glory 10 became the best-selling flagship phone in the history of Shopee platform. In Russia, the sales of Glory 10 became the champion of 25000-30000 rubles... Recently, on the shopping mall Mega Belaya Dacha, the largest traffic flow in Moscow, Glory 10 It is also very spectacular.

As Zhao Ming said: 'Glory insists on doing its own thing, glory uses products to speak!' 2018 is a glory and scary 'technical year', and sales of glory 10 continue to rise and technology support is not unrelated. Especially The glory mobile phone GPU Turbo technology has been highly recognized by domestic and foreign media. The South China Morning Post said that it will defeat all Android friends and Apples, and Tech Radar gave a very high evaluation of 'revolutionary feats to change the game experience'.

As a new technology, GPU Turbo technology breaks the boundaries between hardware and software. At the bottom of the mobile phone system, the traditional graphics processing framework is reconstructed, so that the mobile phone keeps the picture smooth under the long game state, not stuck, bringing At the same time, at the high frame rate, the glory 10 also upgraded the handheld super night view function (AIS). , AI light detection, AI anti-shake processing, AI image synthesis, greatly enhance the mobile phone night shot effect, let users say goodbye to the tripod, handheld can shoot night scenes.

In addition, the glory 10 in appearance, using the designer's color-changing aurora coating process of the Paris Institute of Aesthetics, once again explained the image of glory 'technical tide goods' to global consumers, and subverting traditional photography thinking with the function of '24 million AI photography'. In the mobile photography industry is unique.

With a number of technology upgrades and blessings, Glory 10 has earned the reputation of being one of the 'most versatile flagships'. With the core competitiveness of the 'bucket machine', it will set off a new wave of sales glory in the global market, refreshing More sales records. As an important member of the glory globalization strategy, glory 10 will be based on overseas markets and is expected to rewrite the global market competition in the near future.

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