Next World Cup | You may want to watch with 8K TV

As we all know, Sharp first launched the 8K TV a year ago, and led the industry to introduce the terminal product LCD-70SX970A. In the TV market, people's pursuit of TV clarity has never stopped. From black and white TV to color TV, from CRT TV to LCD TV is constantly evolving, from 2K to 4K to 8K... So, what kind of existence is 8k TV? Is there a market prospect for 8K?

Such doubts should be dissipated after the 2018 World Cup in Russia. This World Cup not only reveals the huge prospects of combining 8K, 5G and artificial intelligence, industrial Internet technology, but also shows that it does not take too long, it is likely that the next World Cup will be held. , you can look at it with 8K TV.

8K Ecology: More possibilities for the future

Foxconn's creation of the 8K industry chain is a grand ecosystem. It covers 8K content, 8K transmission, 8K editing and 8K display. It covers almost everything that can be touched by the entire 8K field. 8K TV is among them. One ring. The market prospect of this ecological chain is fully demonstrated in this World Cup.

For the first time in this World Cup in Russia, the 'Video Assistant Referees (VAR)' using 8K cameras was used for the first time. The group match Spain 2:2 Morocco, which is VAR to help Spain equalize the score. 8K image is artificial intelligence referee system Bringing 4.3 times the human eye recognition video signal, more detailed information helps the referee to be more accurate, more quickly judge the player foul, and make the game more fair, this is just a combination of 8K video and artificial intelligence technology, it will be IoT, artificial intelligence and other technologies work together to become the key to upgrading the future.

Foxconn has been able to build Sharp's 8K ecosystem through its Fulian network. It is precisely the importance of this technology for the future. 8K is not only a clearer 'face', but also the eyes of the family Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet. Family, in addition to 8K TV can bring a visual experience with depth of field effect, more realistic stereoscopic picture, 8K can observe the freshness of food in the refrigerator, see the microbial flora that can not be seen by the naked eye and affect your life; In the field of industrial Internet, 8k technology is more important: history, archaeology, security, medical, education... all-encompassing. For example, you can photograph ancient inscriptions that people can't see, which can be used to find hidden dangers. Used in medical, teaching, etc., in various scientific research to explore new knowledge that is not found by human eyes.

World Cup VAR is just an early simple application combining 8K and artificial intelligence. With the start of Sharp 8K TV, Fulian AIOT is in the broader field, and integration is now creating the future.

5G is already on the road 8K is not far away

In addition, satellite operator Intelsat will cooperate with Latin American broadcaster Globo to conduct a 20K real-time video transmission demonstration of the 2018 World Cup in Brazil, the country of football, and pass the far-reaching 8K signal to the famous Tomorrow Museum in Rio de Janeiro. Broadcasting. This kind of broadcast needs to mobilize a lot of resources, all the way through satellite signals and ground signals, from Moscow to Tokyo, New York, Atlanta and then to Latin America, spending a lot of money. There are indications that 8K is about to become popular - that is to say Now I bought 8K TV, and soon there will be a lot of 8K resources to watch.

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, 8K ultra clear image technology will be used for the live broadcast of two events, which draws a timeline for the 8K floor. Behind this plan is the 5G network coming soon. Landing within the time range, 8K has a sufficient basis for popularization.

The emergence of 5G marks that human society has entered a new era of digital economy, and it is also a high-speed interconnection of people, and the demand for the interconnection of objects has inevitably increased. The driving of technology has also raised the performance of mobile networks to a new stage. In China, 5G network Has been promoted to the national strategic height, the three major operators have given a clear timetable. The dust of the 5G system and the subsequent popularity, solve the biggest bottleneck of the 8K TV ecosystem, as an important application of 5G, 8K video It can realize real-time transmission and bring the ultimate visual enjoyment to users. Foxconn, which is the first to deploy 8K industry, and, together with Sharp, will be in the new economic wave represented by network upgrade, household Internet of Things, industrial Internet and consumption upgrade. , in the leading position.

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