SABIC introduces two new capacitive film products with professional temperature-resistant capacitors

Saudi Basic Industries, the world's leading diversified chemical company, has introduced two new ULTEMTM UTF120 polyetherimide (PEI) capacitor film products for professional temperature-resistant capacitors. It is the new leader in the ULTEM UTF120 film family. In addition, the introduction of 7 micron and 10 micron film thickness grades responds to the market demand for films that meet different capacitor voltage standards, while offering more possibilities for innovative designs. SABIC's ULTEM UTF120 thin film technology has features in capacitor applications. Great advantages, including high dielectric constant, high insulation resistance and low dielectric loss. Two new film thickness grades address the need for higher film thickness and higher charge storage capability for high voltage applications. The market's new grade of ULTEM UTF120 film is attributed to a portfolio of SABIC's continued broadening, including the 5 micron ULTEM UTF120 film product introduced last year. Currently, SABIC is the only material supplier that can offer such PEI extruded film thickness options.

'Today, power electronics applications require better product performance and higher reliability than ever before,' said Stephanie Gathman, Director of SABIC's Emerging Applications Division. 'SABIC has been actively investing in innovative low-temperature film technology to provide a better ratio. Traditional solutions have more advantageous product options, such as higher thermal resistance, better electrical stability and longer service life. With the introduction of two new ULTEM UTF120 film grades, we will continue to advance our products. Combined expansion strategy provides better performance support for a full range of values ​​for capacitor voltage and energy density.'

SABIC's 7 micron and 10 micron ULTEM UTF120 capacitive film products enable thin film capacitors to be lightweight, compact, and high energy density designs, and can store large amounts of electrical energy for long-term reliable operation, avoiding current leakage even in high temperature environments Or charge loss. This technology provides key properties such as high dielectric constant, high insulation resistance and low dielectric loss for capacitor applications, and maintains high temperature operating conditions or high frequency ranges even at 150°C. Stable performance.

ULTEMUTF120 film has unmatched low resistance compared to conventional capacitor film materials such as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in the temperature range of -40 ° C to 150 ° C /High temperature performance. Therefore, SABIC film products can be used in harsh working environments such as electric vehicle DC/DC converters and electric compressors. Since ULTEM UTF120 film is suitable for high temperature working environment, it can reduce or even completely solve the problem of secondary power supply. The need for active cooling of capacitors used in inverters. For example, PP and PET film capacitors typically require a cooling cycle system for cooling, and this film product minimizes the need for a cooling cycle system. In conventional products, cooling The use of the circulatory system will occupy a large space under the bonnet and will impose certain restrictions on design flexibility.

Capacitors with ULTEM UTF120 film can be used in reflow soldering processes up to 260 ° C (industry standard operating temperature). In addition, SABIC film products can also provide excellent metallization evaporation, capacitor winding and leveling (pressing) The operation effect of this operation. This product can be processed on existing equipment. Its operational feasibility has been verified in the field of film/foil and metal electrode applications, covering various metal electrodes such as flat, tapered and patterned. Design.

SABIC will continue to expand the ULTEM UTF120 film portfolio. Currently, all products in this product family are available for the global market.