Guangzhou NC was selected as one of the first batch of 15 "Industrial Robot Industry Standard Conditions" enterprises in China

In order to implement the "Robot Industry Development Plan", strengthen the quality management of industrial robot products, standardize the market order of the industry, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users, and protect the enthusiasm of industrial robots and industrial robots integrated application enterprises, June 15th, the state The General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publicized the first batch of enterprises in the country that met the "Standard Conditions for Industrial Robot Industry". Guangzhou CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. was successfully selected as one of the first 15 enterprises in the country to meet the "Standard Conditions for Industrial Robot Industry". .

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It is reported that the "Standard Conditions for Industrial Robot Industry" is an industry regulation formulated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to encourage industrial robot body manufacturing enterprises and industrial robot integrated application enterprises to manufacture according to standard conditions. In the context of the current domestic industrial robots 'Hundred Flowers Blossoms', The industry norms are conducive to the good and orderly development of the industrial robot industry.

The "Standard Conditions for Industrial Robot Industry" mainly starts from the comprehensive conditions of enterprises, product quality assurance capability, R&D innovation capability, talent team strength, etc., requiring enterprises to have independent research and development, production, professional technical service capabilities; with corresponding production, testing And research and development equipment; establish a quality management system in line with GB/T 19001-2015 standards, two integrated management systems, etc., product manufacturing process specifications are controllable, and recognized by the market.

Based on more than 20 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of industrial control technology, Guangzhou CNC has developed and produced industrial robots with completely independent intellectual property rights, including key components such as robot controllers, servo motors and servo drives. At present, a wide number of industrial robots have successfully introduced handling. Six series of welding, grinding, painting, palletizing, parallel, etc., with more than 20 types of products. As the 'National Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Development Special' undertakes the enterprise, GSK independently developed the industrial robot to carry the company's CNC system products consistently High quality and high technology, according to the needs of users, we can provide robots with superior performance, as well as fixtures and logistics conveyors for robotic automation applications.