The National Development and Reform Commission is preparing to study and adjust the plastic limit order

It is recommended to increase subsidies for degradable plastic products. 'Strictly enforce the law, and set strict penalties'. 'Restricted plastic effect needs to be improved, enterprises selling plastic bags and Shangchao, take-away stores make money'... Last month, this edition published focus Limited plastics ten-year series of reports, led to extensive discussion. More than a thousand readers commented on the client's client and made relevant suggestions.

The plastic limit order was implemented in June 2008. The results in 10 years are obvious to all, but the expectation of the people is a higher requirement for future work. In response to the readers' concentrated problems, our reporter interviewed the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. Relevant person in charge.

Ministry of Commerce: Excessive use of some fields and enterprises, industry standards for e-commerce green packaging technology management standards will be released

In recent years, some areas and enterprises have used plastic packaging excessively, and the problem of white pollution has a tendency to rise. Since the implementation of the plastic limit order, it has played a positive role in reducing the use of plastic bags in retail places, but there are still problems. The Ministry of Commerce attaches great importance to plastic packaging. Pollution prevention and control, in line with the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments to increase implementation.

Many readers have reported that 'the supermarket sells food stalls, a garlic must be loaded with a bag, buy a dish without five or six bags can not come under ... ... 10 years, many large shopping malls began to open chain supermarkets, more and more Many consumers buy the goods they need to eat and wear in the mall. How to solve the problem of excessive use of plastic packaging?

According to reports, the Ministry of Commerce is carrying out green shopping mall creation activities, and has created 85 green shopping malls covering all provinces across the country to promote the green development of the circulation industry including plastics. This year, the Ministry of Commerce formulated the “Green Shopping Mall (Supermarket) Creation). And the implementation of the Detailed Rules for Evaluation, which will be used as a key indicator to guide the circulation of enterprises to actively reduce plasticity. At present, various localities are actively applying for declaration. During the national energy conservation publicity week, many domestic green shopping malls have launched 'stop providing plastic bags. One hour's theme activities, and rolling out energy-saving promotional videos, achieving good social benefits.

At present, some new circulation areas such as express delivery, plastic bags, etc. are used more, and white pollution is more prominent. What progress has been made in accelerating the process of standardization of green packaging?

On the one hand, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry introduced the guidance on accelerating the transformation and development of China's packaging industry, and clearly introduced the packaging simplicity, reduction, re-use and refined packaging design techniques. Publish green development guidelines for warehousing and packaging, encourage e-commerce and suppliers to cooperate, make full use of original packaging, reduce secondary packaging waste, encourage merger of customer orders, reduce package quantity and delivery times. On the other hand, develop e-commerce green packaging Industry standards for technology and management practices, to be released in the near future.

Ministry of Ecology and Environment: Centralized remediation of waste plastics processing and utilization of distribution centers, and environmental supervision of recycling processes

Some readers said that in addition to plastic bags, disposable tableware, paper cups and other plastic products, a large amount of discarded plastics caused water and soil pollution. The plastic limit order proposed that the environmental protection department should increase environmental supervision of waste plastic recycling process and develop environmental access. Conditions, pollution control standards and technical specifications and supervision and implementation, establish a whole process environmental management system for waste plastics. How effective is the environmental protection department?

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment said that the environmental protection department alone or in conjunction with relevant departments issued a number of regulatory documents, focusing on the rectification of waste plastics processing and utilization of distributed land and waste plastics processing and utilization enterprises, promoting the recycling of waste plastics and the development and clean utilization. In 2017, the same Relevant departments jointly carried out the "five wastes" recycling and recycling industry for waste plastics, etc. At present, the country has focused on rectifying 194 industrial distribution centers of 'five wastes', and inspecting 18,000 recycling enterprises, and shutting down more than 8,800.

'The next step will be to continuously strengthen law enforcement supervision, and continue to clean up and rectify with relevant departments, resolutely ban small pollution workshops, such as waste plastics and other waste processing and utilization, and 'scattering pollution' enterprises and distribution centers. ' The person in charge said.

China is the world's largest producer and consumer of plastic products. In 2017, the total output of the national plastic products industry was 751.554 million tons. Plastics such as lunch boxes are facing difficulties in recycling. In practice, the domestic waste plastics recycling resources recycling system is related. The Ministry of Commerce and the National Development and Reform Commission take the lead.

'In recent years, the Ministry of Eco-Environment and the General Administration of Customs have carried out special inspections on imported waste plastics, cracking down on illegal and illegal production of imported waste plastics and other illegal and criminal activities. Formulated regulations on the prevention and control of waste plastics processing and utilization, etc., the scale of elimination is small, management level Low processing and utilization enterprises have improved the scale and intensification of the industry. ' The person in charge said.

Other departments: Strengthening market supervision, establishing a long-term mechanism for over-packaging and plastic-restricting supervision and inspection

The plastics and plastics department requires that the industrial and commercial departments should strengthen the sales of supermarkets, shopping malls, bazaars and other retail outlets, use the supervision and inspection of plastic shopping bags, continue to sell illegally, use ultra-thin plastic shopping bags, etc., and investigate and deal with them according to laws and regulations. However, in some areas of the trade, the farmer's market still has the phenomenon of illegally selling and using plastic shopping bags. In recent years, the national market supervision departments have concentrated on collecting trade, the farmer's market has restricted the rectification actions, and put forward clear responsibilities to strengthen market promoters. Responsibility, give full play to the market supervision function, strictly enforce the law and promote implementation.

The plastic limit order also proposed that the quality inspection department should establish a product quality supervision mechanism for plastic shopping bag production enterprises. In case of violations of laws and regulations, penalties should be imposed in accordance with laws and regulations, quality supervision measures should be improved, law enforcement should be strengthened, and exposure and recall should be strictly implemented. Rectification, punishment and other systems. In recent years, "Plastic Shopping Bags Environmental Protection, Safety, General Technical Requirements for Labeling", "Plastic Shopping Bags", "Bio-Decomposable Plastic Garbage Bags" and other standards have been released, for the replacement of plastic shopping bags. The standardization work of degradable plastic bags is carried out in an orderly manner.

Previously, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress had conducted a special inquiry on the implementation of the solid waste law. The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission said that China has implemented a plastic limit order, and through joint law enforcement investigations and cases of restricting plastics and over-packaging violations, and strengthening the e-commerce, The management of packaging waste in emerging areas such as the express delivery industry.

The National Development and Reform Commission is prepared to work with relevant departments to study and adjust the plastic limit order, and research and develop relevant implementation plans for limiting the use of non-degradable plastic packaging in the e-commerce, express delivery, and take-out industries, and urge local governments, especially cities, to increase their implementation. Law enforcement inspection and propaganda guidance, further establish a long-term mechanism to restrict over-packaging and plastic-restricting supervision and inspection, and guide consumers to civilized consumption, green consumption. Relevant departments will also promote new environmentally friendly materials.