2018 Yuedong Plastic Packaging and Printing Machinery Exhibition

The 2nd Yuedong Plastic Packaging and Printing Machinery Exhibition and Food Packaging Materials Machinery and Raw Materials Exhibition will be held on July 20-22 at Jinxin Yuedong Expo Center, Shantou City, Guangdong Province.

Plastic packaging, food packaging is the pillar industry in the eastern part of Guangdong. In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, promote the packaging and cooperation of plastic packaging, food packaging enterprises and local enterprises in eastern Guangdong, and promote the development of local economy and exhibition industry. Trade Promotion Committee Shantou Branch, Guangdong Plastics Industry Association, Guangdong Packaging Technology Association, Shantou Plastic Industry Chamber of Commerce, China-Africa Investment Federation, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shantou Jinping District Committee, Jieyang Plastic Industry Association, Chaozhou Chaoan District Machinery Alliance, Shantou Jinxin Yuedong Expo Center and other co-organizers, Feisu Information Network, Qinhuangdao Feisu Technology Development Co., Ltd., Qinhuangdao Plastic Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and other '2018 Yuedong plastic packaging printing machinery Exhibition and Yuedong Food Packaging Materials Machinery and Raw Materials Exhibition will be held on July 20-22 at Jinxin Yuedong Expo Center in Shantou City. In the same period, China Functional Packaging Smart Summit and China Yuedong Plastic Packaging Exhibition will be held. Package exhibition seminar.

This exhibition is divided into four special zones: plastic zone, packaging zone, printing zone, rubber and plastic materials and accessories. After hosting, co-organizing, hosting and supporting units, more than 110 exhibitors from all over the country participated in the exhibition. One of the booths, including Guangdong Hengsheng Color Printing Machinery Branch, Guangzhou Tongze Machinery Co., Ltd., Shantou Huaying Soft Packing Equipment Factory Co., Ltd., Chongqing Xinshida Packing Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang New Oriental Ink Group Co., Ltd., Shantou City Bochuan Machinery Co., Ltd., Shantou Golden Gulf Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Chaozhou Chaoan District Machinery Alliance, Chaoan County Jinjindali Packaging Machinery Factory, Fujian Hao Machinery Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Pengxiang Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., etc.

During the exhibition, there will be from Guangdong Plastics Association, Guangdong Baoxie, Jiangxi Plastic Association, Fujian Plastic Association, Zhongshan Printing Association, Jieyang Plastic Association, Jinping District Electromechanical Association, Jinping District Printing Association, Chenghai District Printing Association, Guangdong East Import and Export Chamber of Commerce A number of associations and organizations of professional buyers will come to visit the exhibition! Foreign professional buyers will visit the famous local exhibitors to discuss further cooperation matters!

In the same period, the exhibition will hold the 'Heng' source from the letter, 'Life' is endless - Hang Seng Color Printing Night & 2018 Yuedong Plastic Package Exhibition, Food Show Exhibition Thanks Dinner, etc. Welcome foreign and local buyers to actively participate in the content-rich activity!

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