Blue Dolphin and Beijing University of Technology signed a cooperation agreement, diatom material technology innovation and new vitality

Blue Dolphin and Beijing University of Technology signed a cooperation agreement, diatom material technology innovation and new vitality

Recently, Blue Sky Dolphin Green Building New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Blue Sky Dolphin Diatom Mud') and Beijing University of Technology held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony, and officially launched the 'diatom material application technology research and development' research project. Ceremony, Hunan Provincial CPPCC, Government Office, Housing and Construction Department, Education Department, Environmental Protection Department, Finance Department, Science and Technology Department, Economic and Information Committee, Business Department, Quality Supervision Bureau, two-type office and other experts, China Minsheng Securities President Zhou Xiaoquan, deputy President Yang Weidong, Chairman of the Bachelor Certified Public Accountant Chen Yonghong, Chief Partner of Qiyuan Law Firm Yuan Aiping, an important strategic partner, and more than 30 real estate companies including Vanke, Midea, Country Garden, COFCO, Longhu, and more than 10 home improvement groups The representative came to attend.

This time, the Blue Dolphin and Beijing University of Technology cooperated to launch the 'Diasol Materials Application Technology R&D' project, which will jointly develop special materials for sewage treatment, sludge disposal, soil remediation, etc., and conduct experimental research on the suitability of various sewage and sludge new materials. , process technology services and technical advice.

At the signing ceremony, Professor Du Yucheng from Beijing University of Technology gave a speech on "Belaundite soil adsorption and degradation boundary conditions for VOC". He said that porous material adsorption is one of the most important ways to control indoor VOC emissions, while diatomaceous earth As a natural inorganic mineral material, it has a large specific surface area, a well-developed pore structure, and a rich active gene, which is wear-resistant and heat-resistant. It has powerful effects in adsorbing indoor VOC, dehumidifying and deodorizing, thermal insulation, and filtering oil. He also pointed out three future development directions of diatomite special materials: the construction process is simple, the amount is less sprayed on the surface, and the air humidity is maintained.

At present, the development and utilization level of diatomite in China is relatively low. To change the unfavorable condition of diatomaceous earth, we should accelerate the development of diatomite application, give priority to the development of high-performance diatomite materials, and give full play to diatomite filtration and adsorption. The role of.

Professor Du mentioned that Beijing University of Technology has set up an ecological environment material testing and evaluation laboratory, which has strong research in the fields of industrial wastewater purification, river sludge disposal and other environmental treatment and soil remediation, and sewage process test and application research. Advantages, and has a large number of professionals, published a number of academic reports on 'diatomite mining application technology research', the cooperation between the two sides will bring new opportunities and development to the diatomite industry.

Diatomaceous earth is the main raw material of diatom mud. As the inventor of water-based diatom mud, Blue Sky Dolphin has outstanding advantages in environmental protection industry investment and construction, construction, equipment manufacturing and installation, environmental management and new material research and development, and the cooperation project will be launched. Promote the improvement and innovation of diatom mud performance.

In a few short years, Blue Dolphin has won many national honours, China Diatom Industry Demonstration Base, 52 national patents, Hunan Province Major Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards, etc. This school-enterprise cooperation is also an important part of the integration of production, research and research in the Blue Dolphin. In one step, it will bring new vitality to the innovation and development of new materials and new technologies of diatomaceous earth!