Replace the Intel CPU with a mirrored pure copper shell: temperature drops 7°C

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Since the IVB generation began using silicone grease as a heat transfer medium, Intel processors are now the most criticized slot. Silicone U is bad. Many people also calculate the reason why Intel processors are getting hotter. This has created a new way of playing for the DIY industry - opening the cover, each generation of processors will set off a new climax after opening.

Now, in addition to opening the cover for silicone grease, there is a new trick. That is to replace the pure copper mirror IHS, the temperature can be further reduced by 7 ° C.

In order to lower the temperature, the player who opens the cover will replace the grease with a medium with better thermal conductivity, such as liquid metal, etc., and the conventional operation will continue to use the original IHS after the cover is opened. The Japanese manufacturer RockItCool has introduced the pure copper IHS replacement. Original IHS, and polished very smooth, mirror design helps reduce the surface of the potholes, improve the contact area with the radiator.

RockItCool's previously launched pure copper IHS is mainly for LGA1150, LGA1151 platform. As for the effect of pure copper IHS, the official propaganda said that the temperature can be lowered by 7 °C, and the contact area is increased by 21%.

Previously published Core i7-8700K test data, changed to silicone grease and IHS in the macaque maximum temperature can be reduced from 74 ° C to 70 ° C, the average temperature is also reduced by 3.4 ° C.

Now they have launched the pure copper IHS for the Skylake-X platform, using the LGA2066 processor, but currently only supports the Core i7-7800X/7820X/7900X three processors, Core i9 did not mention.

In terms of selling price, the price of pure copper IHS for the LGA1150/1151 platform was 2,780 yen, and for the LGA2066 platform was 2,980 yen, equivalent to 179 yuan, the official website address here.

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