Online games require high-frequency memory! GALAXY HOF II DDR4-4000 Review: Easy on 4700MHz

I. Foreword: Gospel of online game players GALAXY HOF II DDR4 listed

For most players, the memory capacity is far more than the memory frequency, and the relatively expensive price, the high-frequency memory is very narrow, only a few high-end players will pay attention to it.

In the era of Intel Pentium processor, memory bandwidth has always been the bottleneck of the performance of the whole machine. In order to minimize the impact of memory bandwidth on system performance, in addition to the dual channel, the means to increase the frequency, there is another way is to continuously increase CPU cache capacity, larger cache capacity can increase the cache hit rate, so that the CPU to read more cache, reducing the number of times directly read data from memory.

In the Nehalem era, the first generation of i7 processors, Intel first integrated the memory controller and added 8M three-level shared cache. In most applications, the cache hit rate can be increased to over 95%, and the CPU is very rare. To read data from memory, the effect of memory frequency on system performance is negligible. This is true in most stand-alone games.

However, once the amount of data is multiplied and the cache hit rate begins to decrease, the CPU's computational efficiency will drop dramatically (this is often the case when the lowest frame or card is in the game). After all, the memory bandwidth is only three. One tenth of the level cache.

For online games, when a large team copy Raiders boss, or dozens of hundreds of people attacking wild bosses at the same time, the amount of data and the amount of data will be increased several times, those i3, i5 that can smoothly run stand-alone games Waiting for the number of CPU frames will drop directly to single digits, even only 2~3 frames. It seriously affects the player's damage output and game experience. In this case, increasing the CPU frequency, buffer capacity, and increasing the memory frequency can effectively alleviate the Karton. Case.

Recently, we received the GALAXY HOF II DDR4-4000 8GBx2 package, through professional testing methods, to show you the impact of high frequency memory on online games.

HOF II DDR4-4000 memory is the new generation Hall of Fame memory of the GALAXY Hall of Fame series. Selected Samsung B-Die particles, ten-layer PCB design, with powerful overclocking performance. At COMPUTEX 2018, this memory frequency has already broken through. 5327MHz, powerful performance provides a wide range of overclocking space for each user.

The performance parameters of the GALAXY HOF II DDR4-4000 are as follows:

The launch of the GALAXY HOF II DDR4 has 3600MHz and 4000MHz 2 specifications, we received a 4000MHz package.