Internet cafes for chicken special: GTX 1060 5GB officially discontinued

Mining, eating chicken synchronization continues to be hot, so that the long-term card in the graphics card market is hard to find, NVIDIA is also very skillful to use the knife method, to create a variety of 'new card', especially at the beginning of this year engaged in a GTX 1060 5GB, folk commonly known GTX 1065.

Based on GTX 1060 3/6GB, it adjusts the memory capacity to 5GB, and the bit width is also reduced from 192-bit to 160-bit. The stream processor is still 1280, and the standard core frequency is 1582-1797MHz.

It has also been specially optimized for "Jesus Survival" to run out of 1080p 60FPS.

This card is not retail at first, it is dedicated to Internet cafes. It is convenient for Internet cafe owners to purchase and satisfy chicken players. But soon, Taobao and other places have gone all over GTX 1065. They are all non-public enhanced versions, and the frequencies are different. Many can still overclock.

Nowadays, as the mining market is getting colder, the game graphics market is slowly returning to normal, and special cards such as the GTX 1065 lose their meaning.

According to Bo Bantang exposure, GTX 1060 5GB will be officially discontinued in August, and will be supplied to the final batch of AIC graphics card manufacturers in July. After that, the focus will be transferred back to GTX 1060 6GB/3GB, especially the GTX 1060 3GB supply will be increased. .

Although the next-generation GTX 11 series is getting closer, but according to the current situation, it has to wait another two or three months, so recently all the graphics card manufacturers will take the opportunity to clean up the GTX 10 series of inventory, it is also a good start. opportunity.