This is a real 4K mobile phone | Sony XZ2 Premium Reviews

Compared with the release time of the new Premium series in previous years, this year's Xperia XZ2 Premium did not appear directly on the MWC, but chose to quietly release it on the official website after more than a month. It is quite a bit late. But it's a good thing, Sony Mobile Fortunately, the fans have brought enough surprises. The XZ2 Premium is equipped with the industry's first 4K HDR display. It is also Sony's first mobile phone with a rear dual camera. Both horizontal and vertical contrast are commendable. .

At the product level, Sony sees some persistence, even stubbornness. Starting from the Z5 Premium listed in 2015, Sony is unique in the display technology of mobile phones. At that time, even the 2K resolution display failed to be flagship. The popularity of the machine, but Sony has pulled out the 5.5-inch 4K display. This makes the outside world very unintelligible, with the technology at the time, 4K display on the mobile phone, whether it is the production process or the market demand has not reached the level that can be popularized.

For Sony itself, the significance of 4K display on mobile phones is that in addition to TV, Sony has also completed content hosting for its own 4K video recording devices on the mobile side. Even if no other manufacturers in the industry follow up this technology. However, Sony has completed the 4K video from the recording to the screen on its own device, and then to the technology closed loop of the terminal.

▲Image from the network

The breakthrough point of Xperia XZ2 Premium is that you can experience the whole set of 4K visual feast provided by Sony through only one mobile phone. You can directly shoot 4K HDR images on your mobile phone, and the images obtained can not only show on the mobile phone. In addition, you can watch it on the 4K HDR TV through wireless projection. You can even connect the PS4 and DUALSHOCK 4 with your mobile phone, get rid of the TV and play PS games on your mobile phone. For audiophiles, Sony's system is extremely XZ2 Premium, which is user-friendly and supports 4K HDR display and video recording, is a key part of it.

So people who like it can't live without it, and people who don't like it are also scornful. This is the unique charm of Sony's mobile phone, and this Sony's top flagship Xperia XZ2 Premium brings this unique charm to the extreme.

Just getting started with XZ2 Premium is actually similar to XZ2, but it is a bit wider than XZ2. Aliang still recommends that you don't be scared by the officially labeled 236g weight, you can take the time to go to the store to feel it, after all, Personal perception of weight is not obvious.

Although I personally are fans of Sony Omni Balance design, but the Ambient Flow design language adopted by Sony on the XZ2 series is not exclusive. The back parts are arranged in a completely symmetrical manner according to the center line. The shape design is very good with the palm of the hand, it is comfortable and stable in the hand. This arched back design also makes the camera in the middle without protrusion, the thickness at the edge is moderate and close to the middle frame , there will be no pickpockets.

In addition, the characteristics of the Sony mobile phone have been extended in the XZ2 Premium. Front dual stereo speakers, front faith LOGO, two-stage camera buttons on the side, full-featured NFC, IP65/68 dustproof and waterproof, Qi wireless Charging and so on, the only thing that old users need to get used to is to cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack. If the Bank of China is listed, it can also give away wireless headphones. It is perfect. In addition, SIM does not support hot plugging. The small problem is still there, still the same formula, the same taste.

In terms of basic hardware parameters, Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium is equipped with a 5.8-inch 4K HDR display, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM, SD card supports up to 400GB expansion, battery capacity is 3400mAh. Nothing to say, Although it is a pity that there is no 8GB RAM, it is already the top configuration of the Sony mobile phone.

This camera is worth talking about. Sony officially claimed that the Motion Eye Dual dual camera solution adopted by XZ2 Premium comes from the professional technology of α and Cyber-shot series, which makes me look forward to its photo effect.

From the parameter information provided by Sony's official website, XZ2 Premium adopts the dual-camera scheme of color + black-and-white camera. Its color camera is 19 million pixels, the sensor size is 1/2.3 inch, the single pixel area is 1.22μm, and the aperture is F1. .8; The black and white camera is 12 million pixels, and the sensor size is still 1/2.3 inch, which makes its single pixel area increase to 1.55μm, the aperture is larger, reaching F1.6, such parameter increase is bound to bring Better high performance.

The AUBE fused image signal processor is built into XZ2 Premium. The user synthesizes the image information obtained by the two sensors. The main function of the black and white camera is to enhance the high sense and reduce the picture noise. Compared with XZ2, the limit of XZ2 Premium The photo ISO has been upgraded from 12800 to 51200, and the camera ISO has been upgraded from 4000 to 12800. Looking around the competitors, there is no one to match.

Since the weather in Beijing has not been very good for the past two days, the rainy weather has been continuous, so the photos taken are also quite general. Let me understand that.

In terms of resolving power, the performance of XZ2 Premium is relatively sharp. The details in the scene are completely preserved in the big scene. The smear of the ancestral image has been greatly improved on the XZ2. This time, the XZ2 Premium is blessed by the double camera. In the case of sufficient light, it is still quite restrained.

Look at the other samples I took with me.

From my personal experience, XZ2 Premium's exposure control is slightly conservative. I usually like to slightly increase some exposure values ​​to make the picture look brighter and more transparent. XZ2 Premium is very friendly in the photo experience, normal framing is global Metering, when you click on any of the focus points, it will automatically switch to spot metering, and exhale the exposure bar, which is convenient for me to control the exposure, very convenient.

▲ indoor super sensitization effect real shot comparison

Indoor super sensitization effect real shot comparison

In the dark environment, XZ2 Premium will automatically enable the super-sensing mode. In this mode, the phone will automatically prompt you to keep the distance between the subject and the subject at more than 1 meter, so as to achieve the purpose of super-sensitivity and noise reduction. The comparison photos above can be seen that the effect of super-sensitivity is still immediate, not only solves the shooting, but also basically restores the true color of the subject, which is called night vision.

The dual camera's blessing makes the XZ2 Premium's night shooting ability greatly improved, the noise in the low light environment is less, the picture brightness is higher, the straight out color is also very eye-catching, the color saturation is higher, the overall look is very good. Currently XZ2 Premium's dual camera only supports super-sensing mode. From Sony's official parameter display, it will support black and white mode and portrait mode, which is worth looking forward to.

In addition to taking photos, I also tested the game performance of XZ2 Premium. For the XZ2 Premium equipped with the Snapdragon 845 processor, the game with the highest quality running "King of Glory" and "Breakdown 3" naturally has no pressure. Therefore, I focused on testing the most popular mobile game "Stimulus Battlefield".

From the test results of Gamebench, XZ2 Premium can guarantee 40FPS frame rate at the highest quality, CPU utilization rate is 10.38%, RAM average occupancy is about 627MB, the overall performance is very good, will be Snapdragon 845 Performance is at its best.

From my personal gaming experience, I played for about half an hour in a row, and there was no frame dropping in the middle. The front stereo speakers even made me scream and listen, and the experience was excellent. But in the game with When a person is just wearing a gun, it is easier to call out the notification bar and the bottom bar under the panic, affecting the operation. I hope that Sony can launch the 'game mode' in the future, and add some anti-missing mechanisms to help the little white players like me eat chicken as soon as possible. .

Due to the shortage of experience machines required by Sony Tasting, I had to hand over the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium to Sony in hand. When I sent it to the machine, I was really disappointed. In this week's trial time. The phone gives me the feeling that it is not perfect, but the smooth experience it gives me, as well as the hearty movie experience, can't let me go.

Admittedly, XZ2 Premium is not a mobile phone that meets the needs of the masses. However, many of Sony's unique innovations are put together, which will always bring you a use experience that is not available on other mobile phones. You, then you are completely poisoned by Sony. Since then, you have not gotten out of the way, don't buy micro-single, TV, headphones, how to experience the most complete Sony ecosystem?