Washing 6 fabrics together | Casa Di air wash is better than

On July 3, a comparative experimental video of a 6-storey high-end fabric on the Internet was taken and followed by many netizens. Cotton, hemp, silk, wool, chiffon, and lace are all kinds of high-end fabrics that are common in life. However, it is not easy to clean and it is not easy to care. If you wash it with ordinary machine, it will have different degrees of damage. But in the experimental video of Casa Di, you can see that the six high-end fabrics after air washing are brighter and more textured. It also became supple, and the clothes were flat like new clothes. Compared with the ordinary machine wash effect, Casa Di air wash is obviously better.

The era of consumption upgrades has created more high-end consumer families. They know how to enjoy life, and the requirements for fabrics are getting higher and higher. So high-end fabrics such as silk, cashmere and suede become the fabrics they are happy to buy. But noble, elegant High-end clothing also requires more demanding care conditions. If it is washed by a traditional washing machine, whether it is thin silk or soft cashmere, the fabric will become loose and the clothes will be distorted. At the same time, if you take the dry cleaning, There are various problems, chemical fabric residues that cause fabric fiber damage, and even skin contact allergies that cause direct contact, etc., which have become the reason why high-end people are reluctant to visit dry cleaners.

High-end fabrics can't be washed, and can't be dry-cleaned. On the one hand, user demand is moving towards high-end and quality. On the other hand, the supply side of the industry has not yet seen obvious follow-up demand. The care of high-end fabrics seems to be the pain point of all high-end families. However, this urgent need for users has been highly concerned by the Casadi washing machine. The third washing method was first introduced - air washing. In this online Casa Di air washing experiment video, cotton, hemp, silk, wool , Chiffon, Lace 6 kinds of fabrics do not need to be washed with water, do not need to dry clean, put in the air-washed Casa Di fiber see the washing machine, before and after the effect of washing is very obvious. Cotton linen clothes before the color dim, after washing The color is obviously bright, the wrinkles are also washed flat; the silk clothes are rough and the fabric is smoother and smoother after washing; the chiffon clothes have poor drape before washing, and the wrinkles are obvious. After washing, the clothes are flat and the drape is better.

Casa Di Air Wash allows users to enjoy a more complete and safer high-end fabric care at home, which is completely different from traditional dry cleaning and machine washing. In fact, this is due to its original micro-vapor molecular care. Technology, this technology can penetrate the fabric fiber to achieve clean care, remove the fabric bacteria, odor, dust, and more quickly restore the 'factory setting' of the clothing, so that the user dresses re-glow, restore fluffy and supple. Recently, Casa Di also Introduced the capacity upgraded PLUS PLUS washing machine, and iteratively upgraded the air wash in terms of interface, program, capacity and care, adding cotton, wool, silk, down, shirt, suede, and large pieces. High-end fabric exclusive care program, the new upgraded air wash can provide exclusive professional-grade care according to the high-end attributes of each piece of clothing.

Through innovative intelligent technology upgrades, Casa Di will take the first insight into the user's needs into original power, taking a new step in the field of high-end fabric care. Casa Di air wash through the exclusive care of high-end clothing, for the world's high-end families A new fabric care solution is the iconic creation that leads the way in the future of high-end clothing care.