Get 4 billion! Neusoft medical equipment should speed up the country

Pharmaceutical Network July 11th, July 5th, Neusoft Group and China Development Bank Dalian Branch, China Development Bank Liaoning Branch (hereinafter collectively referred to as 'China Development Bank') signed the "Development Financial Cooperation Agreement". According to the agreement, CDB It will donate 4 billion yuan to Neusoft Group and its related companies.
Liu Jiren, Chairman and CEO of Neusoft Group, said that the funds will be used for further research and development of key technologies such as “One Belt and One Road”, software R&D and platform construction, medical and health, automotive electronics and smart city. In the field of medical and general health, the direction of capital use includes the research and development and innovation of key technologies related to medical health, and promotes the further international market expansion of high-end medical imaging equipment, especially the innovation of sales and service models in the countries along the Belt and Road. The R&D and technology platform will support Neusoft's research and development and mass production of key technologies in medical health, the development of next-generation smart car software platforms and chips, and key technologies for the next generation of new energy vehicles, driverless and other fields. The bank will also provide Neusoft with other policy financial services.
The author understands that Neusoft has become another strategic cooperation partner after Huawei and BOE's post-country operation. Liu Jiren seems that in cooperation, CDB has played a more role in 'building a platform', through this platform, at home. Neusoft will receive research and development funds for related technologies; in the process of going out of the “Belt and Road”, Neusoft will endorse and accelerate the landing of equipment and medical systems. In addition, Liu Jiren revealed that in the future, CDB’s strategic partners are also expected Collaborate to integrate software with other industries and conduct research in a number of emerging areas such as automotive smart screens.
In the eyes of practitioners, great health, including smart medical care, will become another industry after home appliances and communication, China enterprise Another new space to go to the international market.
Liu Jiren told reporters that at present, there are more than 50 of the 65 countries and regions along the 'Belt and Road'. hospital Neusoft's medical equipment is used. In addition to the recent cooperation between Kenya and Romania, some countries will cooperate with Neusoft this year. 'In addition to medical equipment, Neusoft will also organize international hospitals in Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and other countries. Training and connectivity, the next step is to let the hospital operate software out. Neusoft is not only a hardware supplier to the Belt and Road, but also a provider of medical management systems. At the same time, basic software such as social security systems will also be available to many developing countries. As a reference, the future Neusoft system will also go out to sea. ' Liu Jiren revealed.
After the internationalization process accelerates, the proportion of Neusoft's business will also change. Liu Jiren said that last year, in the big health In the field, Neusoft's overseas business accounted for about 30%, and domestic business accounted for about 70%. In the future, by tapping the vast overseas market, the proportion of overseas business will increase to 70%, and domestic business will account for 30%.
It is worth noting that Neusoft has always been based on software technology and fully integrated with the industry. It is not only a pure software technology company, but also a planner and leader of information technology construction in many industries.
In Liu Jiren's view, at present, software has undergone scale transformation from art and personalized products, and has entered into other industries such as manufacturing industry for full integration. Artificial intelligence and other technologies lack space for independent creation in the future, only in integration. In the industry, there is the possibility of creating value space. In this process, Neusoft will not involve the construction of vehicles and other aspects, to maintain the positioning of technology companies.
'The future Neusoft's strategy is to form an ecosystem, from the past technology vendors to a part of the ecosystem. In this ecological environment, Neusoft needs to be integrated, open, and complementary with other companies. In addition, it must cross technology and new applications. Social development and financial cooperation. 'Liu Jiren introduced.