High-value consumables crisis! Sichuan proposed: more, doctors, department directors deduct money

1. On July 11th, the drug network was taken, and it was pulled down from the platform. Antibiotic abuse has been restricted.
And in medical instruments In the field, in response to the unreasonable use of high-value medical consumables, it is also encountering a wave of strict control pressure, and the industry has become an irreversible reality.
After the city of Ganzhou in Guangxi Autonomous Region, Nanyang City in Henan Province and Kaifeng City, Sichuan Province has to come up with specific measures.
Recently, the "Sichuan Medical Institutions, Medical Staff, Measures for the Investigation of Responsibility for Medical Actions (Trial) (Draft for Comment)" were announced, and comments were sought.
According to the draft for comments, the medical institutions have 'the proportion of consumables not up to standard' or 'the proportion of inspections is not up to standard', and the health department ordered the correction within a time limit, and notified the criticism. The same indicator accumulated three quarters of the average is not up to standard, for medical treatment 2. Institutional bad behavior is recorded as 2 points, and special supervision and law enforcement inspections, inspections, etc. are initiated.
Medical staff 'generating the use of unreasonable high-value consumables', ordering corrections within a time limit, reminding them to talk. If the overdue is not corrected, the medical expenses will be deducted 1-3 times according to the unreasonable behavior, and the medical staff will be rewarded for performance pay. , after the end of the deduction, and the whole hospital informed the criticism.
Doctors who abuse high-value consumables will be deducted. If they accumulate more than three times in the past, they must be talked about. They should not be evaluated first within one year. They should not recommend various experts, talents and honorary titles and application examinations, evaluation, and appointment. Qualifications for first-level professional and technical positions; and 3-6 months of prescription rights for all practice locations for physician registration and filing, and for off-the-job training, according to the number of unreasonable behaviors.
In addition, in the department during the supervision period, if the department produces 'unreasonable high-value consumables use' twice or more, deduct the departmental reward performance pay for the department director at a rate of not less than 5%, and remind the conversation according to the plot.诫勉 Talk, suspend, dismissal, etc., organize the law on the department head, relevant management personnel and medical staff Regulation Knowledge leaves the post and re-education.
The above-mentioned new policy proposed by Sichuan Province has imposed clear penalties on the unreasonable use of high-value consumables by medical institutions, doctors, and departments. Behind this new regulation is Sichuan’s innovation in the comprehensive medical supervision system. The emphasis on medical control fees is strict, and it is forced to practice the practice of medical institutions and doctors, reducing unreasonable behaviors such as 'big prescriptions' and 'indiscriminate inspections' 'pan-consumable materials'.
It is reported that Sichuan Province has established and established a 'medical institution, medical staff, medical behavior' information supervision platform (hereinafter referred to as 'medical' three supervision platform), which has become a powerful tool for the first provincial health and family planning administration and industry supervision. In 2017, it will access provincial, municipal, and county-level medical institutions. In 2018, it will also access private medical institutions and primary medical institutions to achieve full coverage of informationization supervision in provincial, municipal, county, and township medical institutions.
The platform relies on all levels of the people health Information platform, comprehensive utilization of statistical direct reporting system, medical insurance system, medical equipment purchase Regulatory platform, online registration of doctors and other data, combined with disease diagnosis related grouping, disease risk adjustment, big data mining and other methods, regularly analyze the use of drugs in medical institutions, high-value consumption, medical expenses, etc. The medical institutions and medical staff are responsible for verifying the rectification and organizing the ruling.
In line with the 'Medical Three Supervision' platform, Sichuan Province also issued the "Medical Institutions, Medical Staff, Medical Behavior Information Responsibility Investigation and Handling Measures (Trial)" and other documents, clarifying the accountability measures.
The purpose of the medical 'three supervision' platform in Sichuan Province is very clear. Since the establishment of the platform, the provincial platform has collected more than 1.2 billion pieces of analytical data, and organized 183 times of on-site investigation and verification. There were more than 38,000 medical behaviors, 262 unreasonable medical treatments, and 164 medical personnel. The municipal platform found 10,105 suspected problem clues, organized 21 on-site inspections, and rectified 8408 unreasonable medical behaviors. There were 163 unreasonable medical treatments and 33 medical personnel.
The medical 'three regulatorys' platform gives medications to medical institutions and doctors, and puts a strain on the consumption behavior. No matter the top three hospital It is also the following primary medical institutions. Regardless of public or private hospitals, every medical treatment of medical staff is under the supervision of digital intelligent platform, and it is difficult to miss items.
The “Sichuan Medical Institutions, Medical Staff, Medical Behavior Responsibility (Trial) (Consultation Draft)”, which is being consulted, is also closely related to the 'Medical' three regulatory platforms. According to the Exposure Draft, it will replace 2017 11 The "medical institutions, medical personnel, medical behavior information supervision responsibility investigation and handling methods (for trial implementation)" issued on the 1st of the month. After the introduction of the new regulations, the old regulations will be abolished at the same time.