Suspension of 41 net collections | Jilin to the orthopedic consumables enterprises concentrated

Medical Network July 11th, a one-time suspension of 41 companies hanging net collection, Jilin Province to the orthopedic consumables enterprises concentrated shot.
On July 9th, the Jilin Province Pharmaceutical Machinery Purchasing Service Platform released the “Notice on Announcement of the Results of Orthopedic Implant Supplies and Doing a Good Job in Online Trading” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), and decided to batch the products of orthopedic consumables. On-line trading: The enterprises that passed the audit of the network collection are listed as the first batch of online transactions, and the enterprises that have suspended the network will be online after the completion of the rectification.
On the same day, the results of the 'Qualification Audit for the procurement of orthopaedic consumables enterprises' networked products' showed that 219 orthopedic consumables enterprises passed the audit, and 41 failed to pass the suspended network collection.
On May 11 this year, the Jilin Province Pharmaceutical Machinery Purchasing Service Platform publicized the results of seven types of medical consumables enterprises and product qualification audits, such as non-vascular intervention and orthopedic implants. The publicity contents include the subject qualification and product qualification audit results of the declared enterprise; The main information, product information and price information. The publicity period is from May 14th, 2018 to May 24th, 2018. However, according to the above-mentioned "Notice", the amount of orthopedic consumables is large, and the specifications are complex. Some companies missed reporting price information and other factors, the publicity period was extended by one week.
During this period, Jilin Province took the telephone to inform the enterprises, interviewed some enterprises, collected the price of the brother provinces for comparison, but so far, there are still some enterprise information data confusion. To this end, the implementation of batch online transactions.
Of course, regarding the price of consumables hanging net collection, it is inevitable to implement the minimum. Jilin Province has drawn two red lines: As mentioned in the above Notice, for the same product, the purchase price of medical institutions shall not be higher than the historical minimum procurement of this institution. The price, at the same time, shall not be higher than the lowest reference price in the products of the Jilin Province collection platform.
The red line is delineated, and the role of orthopaedic consumables in the role of 'big price cuts' is deserved. In view of the price cuts in many provinces, 50% is not surprising, and the 'jumping price' has also appeared.
However, the lowest-priced purchase is not the focus, the focus is on Jilin Province's penalty for underreporting the price.
And the neighboring provinces have also begun to implement penalties for violations of regulations.
For example, on June 27, the Heilongjiang Provincial Health Planning Commission issued an announcement, and Fresenius has two models. medical instruments The product was suspended from trading on the Internet. The reason was that 'the relevant provinces were not reported in time to be lower than the linked price of Heilongjiang Province's network.'
Special notice in the announcement, please produce high-value medical supplies enterprise Take the lead, avoid similar problems, and jointly maintain the orderly order of high-value medical consumables online purchase and sales.
Not only that, but the high-value medical consumables are concentrated in purchasing chaos, and Heilongjiang Province has also begun to move.
On May 28 this year, the Heilongjiang Provincial Health Planning Commission notified 29 high-value consumables enterprises. All 29 companies had the same problem: They did not seriously respond to the bargaining orders of medical institutions, and the problems were more serious. .
The province Tender According to the document, 'For the medical institution bargaining order, regardless of whether or not the manufacturer agrees, the manufacturer must reply within 24 hours. The manufacturer that has confirmed more than 10 times of failure to respond on time in one year is included in the high-value medical consumables in Heilongjiang Province. purchase Bad record, the serious cancellation of the company's hanging network products. '
However, among the 29 companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Jiemai, Poco and other import giants, there are 'not seriously responding to the bargaining orders of medical institutions', and the number of orders that do not respond to medical institutions is up to 84 times!
As early as March of this year, the Heilongjiang Provincial Health Planning Commission also named 7 companies, saying that they did not abide by the bargaining rules and refused to bargain online for products that could supply less than the net price, seriously disrupting the order of purchase and sale of high-value consumables.