Promote the construction of educational information | New Liangtian debut at China Education Equipment Exhibition

China Education Equipment Exhibition is the largest and most influential exhibition in China and the world in the education equipment industry. It is the first exhibition platform in the industry. May 11-13, a three-day exhibition. 'The 74th China Education Equipment Exhibition' was successfully concluded in Chengdu, China and the Expo City in Western China.

In this exhibition, 1485 companies brought more than 20,000 products, occupying 16 pavilions in Xibo City, and refreshing the previous record. At the exhibition, the excellent school has a multi-faceted, personalized wisdom education scene solution. Showcase the integration and innovation of information technology and modern education, and exchange educational application experience with local education colleagues.

As a new provider of educational equipment and multimedia solutions, Xinliangtian has always maintained a high degree of attention and input in the education industry. It has been committed to promoting the construction of educational informationization 2.0, deepening the application of information technology, and achieving balanced distribution and quality sharing of teaching resources through information technology. Promote the innovation of education and teaching, let more people enjoy high-quality education, provide diversified products and solutions according to their own characteristics, and provide useful support and path for the balanced distribution and quality sharing of educational resources.

At the exhibition, Xinliangtian presented micro-course solutions, educational big data collection & online scoring and evaluation, physical demonstration & video display and other teaching solutions, as well as micro-class production instrument, wireless WIFI Gao Paiyi, 10 million pixel Gao Paiyi , Wall-mounted Gao Paiyi, new intelligent Gao Paiyi, USB Gao Paiyi, integrated Gao Paiyi and other teaching products and some office-based Gao Paiyi products, attracted the attention of many industry customers.

The co-construction and sharing of educational resources, the refinement and scientificization of education management are inseparable from the support of Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data technology; Xinliangtian actively participates in the construction and upgrading of education informationization 2.0, and is diversified for the future. Demand, jointly promote the success of the digital transformation of the education industry.