Four Seasons Muge & Tmall New Retail Strategic Cooperation Ceremony Successfully Launched

On July 5th, the launching ceremony of the Four Seasons Muge & Tmall New Retail Strategic Cooperation was held at the headquarters of the Four Seasons Muge Group. The head of the Tmall Kitchen & Bathroom and Decoration category was Kai Yi, and the head of Tmall Kitchen and Bathroom Zhang Haoyao, executive vice president of Four Seasons Muge Group, Rong Huangrong, general manager of hot water company, Xu Kuncheng, general manager of water purification company, Tan Chao, general manager of new retail company, Zhao Zhenjie, general manager of hardware bathroom, and Li Wenping, brand director, attended the launch. ceremony.

Online and offline integration, new retail, new future

New retail, that is, relying on technology, through the means of big data, intelligence, etc., the reconstruction of people, goods, and field sales process, making online and offline use their respective advantages, from the consumer experience to carry out a deep integration of retail new model.

Ma Yun predicted in 2016 that online and offline logistics must be combined. Offline enterprises must go online. Online enterprises must go to the line. Online and offline plus modern logistics can be truly created. New retail. Nowadays, the new retail of online and offline integration shows great potential, which has become the trend and direction of future business development.

Speech by Zhang Yuyao, Executive Vice President of Four Seasons Muge Group

Zhang Haoyao, executive vice president of the Four Seasons Muge Group, said that Tmall is the largest e-commerce platform on the Internet, with strong traffic and brand exposure. With the power of the Tmall platform, the brand value and sales of the Four Seasons Muge can be maximized. Mu Ge is a listed company with strong channel advantages and offline promotion capabilities. These advantages can help Tmall's new retail model enter a deeper channel, and the two sides will open a bright future for all-round development.

Speech by Kay, the head of Tmall Kitchen & Decoration

Kazak, the head of Tmall's kitchen and decoration category, believes that Tmall is using the power of data to promote the rapid development and transformation of Alibaba. It is hoped that this data capability will be able to be given to strategic partners such as Four Seasons Muge. With the forward-looking strategic vision and excellent team execution of the Four Seasons Muge, the cooperation between the Four Seasons Muge and Tmall New Retail will surely achieve the overtaking in the new market, and develop at a high speed.

The two sides will determine the use of Tmall's new retail big data capabilities to fully empower the four seasons of Muge's rapid development, create new retail opportunities, form new brand empowerment, create a new business ecosystem, and achieve new breakthroughs.

Strong joint layout new battlefield is about to start 'Bath Culture Festival'

After the launch of the strategic cooperation ceremony, the two parties will open their first event - 'Four Seasons Mu Song 2018 Bathing Culture Festival'. In July-August, through the full efforts of the 'Bath Culture Festival', open up the online and offline markets, through large-scale Media communication and brand image upgrade, forming differentiated awareness in the minds of users, and building their own brand competitiveness, through new retail smart stores, empowering brands, empowering stores, enhancing consumer experience, reaching the four seasons Mu Ge became the user's first choice.

Li Wenping, Brand Director of Four Seasons Muge Group, introduced 'Bath Culture Festival'

The 'Bath Culture Festival' is an important part of the four seasons of Mu Ge's hot water strategy. This initiative can help agents break down geographical restrictions, achieve the same price online and offline, ease inventory pressure, and share sources. Standardization of service management, thus activating each store, saying goodbye to the era of traditional retail and waiting for the rabbit, on the other hand, helping users to achieve shopping visibility, touchability, sensibility, audibility, usability, and comprehensively enhance the customer experience. Leading the world's millions of users into a new era of healthy hot water, clean hot water, high-efficiency hot water.

With the strong combination of Four Seasons Muge and Tmall's new retail, Four Seasons Muge will work with partners to use the Internet and big data to better serve consumers and open a new path for high-speed growth of enterprises. Define industry rules and seize the battlefield of the future.