Haier car air purifier: driving love snoring | may be related to pollution

As the saying goes, spring sleepy autumn is lacking in summer. In the hot summer, it is the season of 'sleepiness'. I feel that every moment I am sleepy, especially when driving, the tiredness is more intense, Haier car air purifier reminds, this May be related to pollution inside the car, it is time to put a car air purifier on the car. Haier CJ05B car air purifier, with 5 purification capabilities, can quickly help you create a fresh and comfortable interior environment, won the majority of car owners Calling Call.

Net: Purify all kinds of pollution in layers, just one click for health experience

In the summer, as the temperature rises, the formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other pollutants in the car are easily evaporated. Many people travel in a car, and they are in a polluted environment for a long time, in addition to lethargy, Causes pneumonia, asthma, leukemia and other diseases. Haier CJ05B car air purifier is equipped with 5-fold filtration function, layer purification, can effectively remove formaldehyde, toluene, odor, TVOC, PM2.5 and other harmful substances, and maintain the air inside the car. Fresh. Breathing is smooth, not falling asleep, health risks are gone, travel is more assured, this experience, just one click.

Fast: Instantly restore fresh air, just like being in the nature

Driving in the summer, the moment when the door is opened, the pungent smell will blow up. Sitting on it is not only disgusting, but also a headache. Quickly purifying the air inside the car becomes an urgent need of the owner. On the Haier CJ05B car air purifier is also equipped with a negative ion generator, the release of high concentration of negative ions can quickly activate the oxygen molecules in the air, just a song time, the car air will be refreshed, creating a natural environment for you The sense of relaxation. Moreover, the product also has a TVOC air detection system, LED tri-color lights show the air quality, the purification effect at a glance.

Jane: Humanized multi-functional configuration, the best companion for driving

Drivers who don't want safety and health are not good car owners. Driving a car, equipped with a car air purifier for the car has become the choice of the majority of car owners. In order to enhance the user experience, Haier car air purifier is also reflected in the humanized configuration. Out of the big brand should have the intimate. Considering the mobile phone with nowhere to navigate, Haier CJ05B car air purifier specially designed the mobile phone bracket, while purifying and navigating, with you all the way safely; in addition, for the bumpy road bumps In case, the car purifier adopts the base suction cup anti-slip design, which is firm and secure, without worrying about the machine slipping; and the 1.5-meter cigar cigarette smoke plug-in can easily HOID live in the armrest, the front instrument panel and other places, so that health and safety come. So Easy.

As the most important travel tool for modern families, the car has already entered the home of ordinary people. In fact, wanting to have health and safety is as easy as owning a car. Haier car air purifier, with international leading purification technology and Design process, help you easily remove formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, odor, second-hand smoke and other pollutants in the car, but also love the car a fresh and natural air environment, let you really fall in love with driving.