Instrumental welfare! Measuring the demand for measuring instruments

China Institute of Metrology is the highest scientific research center in the country and the national statutory measurement technology institution. It mainly conducts basic research in measurement science, research on measurement management system and related regulations, research on national measurement standards and national measurement standards, establishment, and preservation. , maintenance and other work, play an important supporting role in national economic construction, social development and scientific and technological progress. Recently, China Institute of Metrology entrusted Oriental International Tendering Co., Ltd., for a batch of measurement, measurement instrument Make purchases.

The China Institute of Metrology has five procurement projects, namely the China Institute of Metrology, Coordinate Equipment Space Accuracy Measurement System Procurement Project (Project No.: OITC-G180320805), China Institute of Metrology, Small Size Thread Measurement Laser Microscopy System Purchasing Project (Project No.: OITC-G180320806), Procurement Project of Surface Area Morphology Measuring Instrument of China Institute of Metrology (Project No.: OITC-G180320807), Purchasing Project of Wafer Geometry Parameter Measuring Instrument of China Institute of Metrology (Project No.) : OITC-G180320808) and China Institute of Metrology, film thickness measuring instrument procurement project (project number: OITC-G180320809), the total budget amount of 4.145 million yuan.

The following table shows the details of the bidding project of China Institute of Metrology:

Since its establishment, the National Metrology Institute has made outstanding contributions in promoting China's scientific and technological innovation, economic and social development, and meeting the national strategic needs. As a country's scientific and technological innovation, international cooperation and talent training base, the National Metrology Institute has a number of isolation, High-precision measurement laboratories with constant temperature, constant humidity, cleanliness, shielding and other experimental environmental conditions and very advanced scientific instruments. Under their support, the research work of the National Metrology Institute has been carried out smoothly and effectively. Instruments involving small-scale thread measurement laser microscopy systems, wear surface topography measuring instruments, etc., as the basic tools for metrology and measurement work, they will strongly promote the progress of institutional research work. Relevant instrument manufacturers can also seize this opportunity, actively Bidding, winning development opportunities.