Major scientific instruments are emerging in an endless stream | Scientific and technological achievements are accelerating

science equipment Is the cornerstone of scientific research and technological development, and major breakthroughs in science and technology are increasingly dependent on advanced science. instrument With reform-driven innovation and innovation-driven development, China has already moved towards a new journey of building a world of science and technology.

At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are booming, and technological innovation has become a decisive factor in enhancing overall national strength and national core competitiveness. China's scientific and technological innovation is shifting from quantitative accumulation to qualitative leap, and the quality of scientific and technological achievements has been greatly improved.

Scientific and technological innovation is the core driving force for leading high-quality development, providing new growth space for high-quality development. Numerous enterprises and scientific research institutions have carefully cultivated, relying on the special resources of major scientific instruments, quickly grasping the opportunities of industrial development, and formulating new ones. Competition rules.

'Ultra-high temperature and high pressure drilling fluid rheometer research and development and industrialization'

From July 4th to 5th, the national major scientific instrument development special 'Ultra-high temperature and high pressure drilling fluid rheometer research and development and industrialization' acceptance. The project solved the problem of rheological testing of ultra-high temperature and high pressure drilling fluid. The project will promote China's high-end Drilling fluid instrument research and development, human resources training and team building, promote the formation of high-end drilling fluid instruments industrialization capabilities, and accumulate valuable experience for self-developed and developed high-end drilling fluid instruments, laying a good foundation for the subsequent development of other high-end drilling fluid instruments and drilling instruments. basis.

'Development and application of multi-purpose sample pretreatment instruments' project

On June 26, 2018, the National Major Scientific Instruments and Equipment Development Special 'Development and Application of Multi-Purpose Sample Pretreatment Instruments' project preliminary acceptance meeting. The project involved three multi-purpose sample pretreatment instruments: Fully automatic gel purification - solid phase Extraction-quantitative concentration combined instrument, rapid solvent extraction-solid phase extraction-constant-capacity combined instrument and fully automatic single-mode microwave digestion-acid-adjusting combined-capacitor (PREPS). The project has improved the research and development capabilities of sample pretreatment equipment in China. And the level of manufacturing, broke the long-term monopolization of sample pre-processing equipment by imported brands.

'Development of multi-dimensional biochromatography and key components for LC/MS' project

'Development of Multi-Dimensional Biochromatography and Key Components for Liquid-mass Chromatography' is organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian Elite Analytical Instruments Co., Ltd., and the National Science and Equipment Development Project supported by the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Two-dimensional biochromatography system, online protein pretreatment system, ultra-high pressure micro-nano liquid chromatography system and new electrospray ion source and other key components. Through system integration, control software development and engineering, develop multi-dimensional organisms with independent intellectual property rights. Chromatograph and new ion source.

'In-situ microscopy and operation instrument for life sciences'

The first of our school, undertaken by Zhao Xin, a professor at the School of Computer and Control Engineering, Nankai University, is also the first national major scientific research equipment development project in the national automation discipline - "In-situ microscopy and operation instrument for life sciences" project It will be held at the Nankai University Jinnan Campus. The project uses a self-developed in-situ microscopic analysis and operation instrument for life sciences to realize robotic somatic cell nuclear transfer. In April 2017, it won the world's first robotic operation. The cloned piglet of the knife.

'Micro-nano structure ultra-fine resolution computer 3D imaging analyzer development and application'

On June 30, 2018, the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Education organized a preliminary acceptance meeting of the National Science and Technology Equipment Development Special Project 'Development and Application of Micro-Nano Structure Computerized 3D Imaging Analyzer'. The instrument developed by the project has carried out application verification research on the monitoring imaging and therapeutic evaluation of focused ultrasound therapy, and the effect is good. The project results have been in the aviation, aerospace, weapons, archaeology, power and other industries and the Institute of Chemical Materials of China Academy of Engineering Physics. More than 40 units promoted the application. After installation and commissioning, the products passed the acceptance, and the economic, military and social benefits were significant.

The world's first online testing equipment engineering prototype was successfully developed

In May, it was learned from the Optoelectronics Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that with the support of the national major scientific instrument and equipment development project, the institute developed the world's first online testing equipment for vacuum alloy smelting based on laser induced spectroscopy (LIBS) technology. Engineering prototype. This technology has the advantages of no sample pretreatment, analysis time as short as tens of seconds, multi-element simultaneous detection, etc. It is an effective means to realize on-line detection of complex alloy production. Research results show that the technology researched by this project can improve production. Efficiency, avoiding waste incidents, improving product quality and batch consistency.

'Coherent strong terahertz source scientific equipment development' project

The first high-average power terahertz free-electron laser device independently developed by Chinese scientists has been saturated for the first time in Chengdu, Sichuan. After third-party testing, the experiment is reliable and the device is stable. The terahertz source in China has officially entered the free electron laser. The CTFEL device is a project for the development of major scientific instruments and equipment developed by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which is the project of the development of the "coherent strong terahertz source scientific instrument and equipment" project. It was launched in 2011. As a new type of coherent strong terahertz source, CTFEL device is in the material. , biomedical and other fields have important application prospects.

China developed the first fluid wall shear stress tester

It was learned from Northwestern Polytechnical University on April 17 that the world's first (set) fluid wall shear stress tester was recently developed in the key laboratory of the Ministry of Education of the Aerospace Micro-Nano System. The instrument is in high-performance miniature sensitive probe technology. The weak signal anti-interference electrical measurement system technology and the complex and harsh working environment probe package protection technology have made breakthroughs, which can quickly, effectively and reliably test the fluid wall shear stress. The test results are large passenger aircraft, aeroengine, underwater vehicle shape. The design and the estuary coastal project provide data support. This move provides the core equipment for the frictional stress and fine flow test of the aircraft/aircraft, and solves the major engineering needs.

'Development of a new generation of dangerous goods analysis and detection instruments based on terahertz technology' project

On February 23, the project of the National Major Scientific Instrument and Equipment Development Specialized by the Research Institute of Shanghai Institute of Microsystems and Information Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Cao Juncheng, 'Development of a new generation of dangerous goods analysis and detection instruments based on terahertz technology' was held in Shanghai. 'Development of a new generation of dangerous goods analysis and detection instruments based on terahertz technology' The project is aimed at the major needs of dangerous goods analysis, and the Ministry of Transportation, National Security, Public Places, Drug Development and other departments for users, research and development can identify and judge hidden drugs. And terahertz detection and analysis instruments for dangerous goods such as explosives. The smooth implementation of this project will provide strong technical support for maintaining social security.

'Distributed Fiber Strain Monitor' project

Recently, the project of the National Major Scientific Instruments and Equipment Development Specialized Distributed Optical Fiber Strain Monitor Project, which was led by Professor Dong Yongkang of our school as the project leader, was successfully held. As one of the major national scientific instruments and equipment development projects, The project aims to develop a distributed optical fiber strain monitor with independent intellectual property rights, high precision, high reliability and environmental adaptability, and localized core components. This project is to improve China's large-scale infrastructure, large-scale structural equipment, geological disasters, etc. Safety monitoring level, improving public safety level, reducing economic loss and social impact are of great significance.

The 21st century is an era of knowledge economy. Technology is undoubtedly the engine of this 'aircraft carrier'. The technological innovation of the new era needs to face the forefront of the world's science and technology, and to create a 'no-man's zone for technological innovation. At the moment, in the world of scientific instruments, there is clearly a place made in China.