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On July 9th, 2018, the high-efficiency conference platform MAXHUB held a new product experience conference in Guangzhou. The new generation conference panel MAXHUBX3, cloud conference, integrated LED display terminal, and screen box and other new products were shocked and debuted under the eyes of many parties. At this experience meeting, MAXHUB also signed a contract with the 'X+' program partner, Logitech, Quantum University to create an efficient and intelligent office for modern enterprises.

'MAHXUB is a tool for efficient collaboration, and it is a high-frequency portal for collaborative office. It is closely connected with people and affairs in the enterprise and is becoming the center of the tandem enterprise. 'Ms. Zhang Wei, President of Vision Enterprise Service Group, said on the scene, ' In the future, MAXHUB will gradually complete the display product layout of the full conference scene, bringing an integrated experience of display, interaction and collaboration to enterprise users.

The MAXHUBX3 conference tablet debuted in the "light office" trend

As a masterpiece driven by innovative technology, the MAXHUBX3 conference tablet combines many of the best technologies in the industry. Based on the outstanding features of the previous generation products, it aims to write, display and coordinate three major conference scenarios. Comprehensive function optimization, comparable to the appearance, intelligent writing, multi-screen interaction, remote collaboration, AI intelligence, etc. for the update iteration highlights, to achieve the wireless connection between the end, the inter-temporal connection between people, bring More efficient and coordinated 'light office' approach.

Simple and generous design, 88.9% super high screen ratio. In terms of design, MAXHUBX3 conference tablet still adheres to the 'simple and generous' design concept, the narrow frame is matched with the metal frame, the thinnest part of the fuselage is only 19 mm, bringing Elegant and steady visual perception. The flagship version is equipped with a large screen with 4k ultra-high definition image quality and 88.9% high screen ratio, which can clearly display more content, and is more convenient to operate, but full-fit process, anti-glare characteristics. Let it maintain a good visual effect at all angles of the conference room, resulting in a better immersive experience.

Intelligent technology blessing, writing unlimited ideas. MAXHUBX3 conference tablet uses the industry-leading capacitive electromagnetic dual touch technology, with 0.041 seconds of response speed and 1024-level pressure, allowing users to control the thickness of the brush strokes, strokes, get close to the paper The free writing experience; MAXHUBX3 conference tablet is also equipped with its exclusive intelligent recognition technology, support for graphic recognition and table insertion, with intelligent gesture operation, so that writing input is more powerful, thinking is more intuitive and clear; In addition, MAXHUBX3 conference tablet is in any The annotation mode can be turned on under the interface, and the inspiration can be recorded at any time. In the PPT mode, the annotation can be annotated with the page speed and the annotation record can be saved.

Multi-screen instant interaction, sharing is not subject to 'line' system. MAXHUBX3 conference tablet supports computer, tablet, mobile phone multi-end free connection between the screen, also supports up to four devices split screen display, the contrast display at a glance; and up to 0.092 seconds The fast transmission speed, even in the face of large-capacity high-definition pictures, video, can also be displayed; in addition, using MAXHUB's wireless screen function, you can reverse the computer on the conference tablet, you can also use Mobile phone, tablet directly controls the conference tablet, writing, annotation, presentation, etc., to achieve two-way flexible interaction.

Large-screen remote collaboration, open unbounded office. The MAXHUBX3 conference tablet adopts the self-developed cloud conference system for the first time, which can provide a cloud video conference experience with simpler, more enjoyable and safer information, and reduce the conference cost of cross-regional enterprises. Interface home page, click to launch a conference quickly, participants can easily join the conference through conference tablet, computer, mobile phone or tablet; built-in technology such as 12-megapixel intelligent three-shot, 8-meter pickup 6-array microphone, etc. Bring smoother, clearer and more stable audio and video effects. At the same time, through remote screen sharing of cloud conferences, simultaneous screencasting and writing synchronization, video images and shared content can be clearly seen on the MAXHUBX3 conference tablet large screen at the same time. Just like face-to-face collaboration in the same room.

AI intelligent blessing, efficient office management. MAXHUB will also use the conference tablet as the core to create an interconnected and light office model, help enterprises to create employee account system and storage space through cloud services, realize multi-end data sharing, and provide AI face recognition technology. Identification, privilege identification and face sign-in help companies to create more efficient and safer intelligent office management.

Integrated LED display terminal + screen box conference mode innovation upgrade

In addition to the launch of the new MAXHUBX3 conference tablet, in order to solve the painful points of writing and display in the large conference room, MAXHUB also brought MAXHUB integrated LED display terminal for the big scene display. The seam stitching technology, the screen display is no longer split, the large 160° wide viewing angle covers more display range, bringing a huge cinema-like visual experience, so that everyone sitting in the conference room can enjoy the wonderful content. It also inherits MAXHUB's excellent interactive experience and screen technology to make the show more flexible.

In addition, faced with a large amount of projector storage space, and still endure the trouble caused by the connection line, MAXHUB introduced a wireless transmission box matching solution. In any traditional conference room, only the wireless transmission box and the projector need to be connected, it can be like Like MAXHUB, it is convenient and quick to display and share. It integrates mobile phone screen, scan screen and multi-device quad screen, supports up to 4K ultra HD output, and makes the conference room truly enter the 'wireless era', experience wireless Soon.

MAXHUB 'X+' plans to build 'light office' full scene

The MAXHUB 'X+' program is officially launched in early 2018 to work with MAXHUB to create an efficient and intelligent way of working with key influencers from all walks of life. Over the past six months, MAXHUB has worked with numerous 'X+' Through in-depth cooperation between software and hardware, the partners have built office solutions for many industries.

'Let the work be more efficient, let life return to the self, is the product concept of MAXHUB and nails together'. As the representative of the 'X+' program partner, Ren Qing, the general manager of the nailed intelligent hardware business unit, recognized and supported the cooperation. At the same time, Xie Tiewei, Director of Huawei Communications Cloud Services Ecological Operations, expressed his expectation for the future of the two cooperations. 'Huawei and MAXHUB combined the 'cloud+end' application to jointly provide cloud conferencing solutions, bringing users the ultimate remote collaboration experience.'

In this experience, MAXHUB signed a contract with the latest partner of the 'X+' program, Logitech, Quantum University. In the future, MAXHUB will continue to work with 'X+' partners to promote the deep integration of brands, markets, and users. And around the conference, office, intelligent IOT, AI and other fields, expand the scope of cooperation, provide solutions for different industries for different scenarios, and gradually build a modern enterprise 'light office' full-scenario ecosystem, with a richer, more efficient interaction Provide smart 'light office' meeting experience for more businesses, helping companies create greater value.

Unbounded collaboration platform to create a future one-stop office center

As a pioneer in the intelligent conference service industry, the MAXHUB conference platform has become an indispensable application platform for enterprise efficient development. According to the Ovi Cloud 2017 Annual Report, the market share of the MAXHUB conference platform is firmly in the first place. Became the “Top Ten Network Red Brands in 2017”. As a brand that insists on openness, sharing and win-win, MAXHUB is favored by users. The digital collaborative office model has become Guangzhou Automobile Group, Sohu, Dong'e Ejiao, Synbiotics, The choice of famous enterprises such as Yuanhe Medical and the excellent user experience provide a strong word-of-mouth testimony for MAXHUB. It is foreseeable that the MAXHUBX3 series of new products with more extreme experience and more cutting-edge technology will make the 'light office' model a modern corporate office. A new trend.

When mobilized, interconnected, and cloud services become high-frequency vocabulary in the enterprise market, the conference mode innovation brought by technology has been carried out drastically. MAXHUB will also transition from a single hardware product to a high-efficiency conference 'platform' combining soft and hard. Develop, gradually complete the display product layout of the whole conference scene, and bring the integrated experience of display, interaction and collaboration to enterprise users. In the future, MAXHUB conference platform will not only be an efficient collaboration tool, but also become a tandem enterprise. The center, as a high-frequency entrance to collaborative office, is closely connected with people and affairs in the enterprise, and is one of the most important entry points for future one-stop mobile office.