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As the saying goes, you are a 7.1-channel esports headset when you eat chicken. This is true. In this era of eating chicken games, the game headphones are almost standard, and the user’s requirements for headphones are also The water is high, 7.1 channels, comfortable to wear, good sound insulation, have become a necessary condition for the choice of headphones. And today we are the protagonist of the evaluation - Darwin EH722 upgrade version can do 'big luck, eat chicken tonight', Let's hurry and reveal it.

On April 16th, Darwin released the EH722 upgraded version of the game headset. In addition to the 7.1 virtual channel that the player expected, on the basis of the original EH722, the shape material was also optimized and adjusted. As an upgraded version. First, it will be compared with the shape of the previous one. This upgraded version has little change in structure, retaining one of the highlights of the previous generation, the earmuff design of the diamond cut surface, from the feedback of the users of this site, this design is also Very popular. In addition to these, I would like to know more about the upgrade highlights of the headset. Closer to home, officially entered the opening of the Darwin EH722.


The packaging part, the front is quite normal, basically the same as the previous generation, the black game style is simple and concise, and the back side lists several major selling points of the earphone: diamond cut surface design, exquisite texture matte and custom unit. It is worth mentioning that although the package is being delivered ' Insulting a bit, the internal headphones are still intact, it can be seen that the packaging has effectively protected the product itself.

Unpacking, still very simple, manual, a letter to the player and a small ad, introduced Darwin related e-sports products.

Part of the earmuffs, from design to material, basically follows the essence of the previous generation. Skin-like materials, delicate touch and easy-to-stick fingerprint coexist, especially for players who are prone to sweat, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the headphones.

As we mentioned earlier, the 'diamond cut design' has been well received since the first generation, so it has been preserved in a logical way. Although not as stunning as the first sight, it does not affect him. Headphones at the front of the fashion trend. If you are seeing the EH722 for the first time, when his breathing light is on, it is possible that you will fall under his face value.

Introducing the breathing light, ice blue lighting system, and supporting the circulation of breathing light, the design features of the diamond cut surface are displayed to the fullest. Playing the game, we must pay attention to a scene, saying that this can eat chicken probability, anyway, I believe.

When it comes to the changes with the first generation, the adjustment of the head beam should be considered obvious. The earmuff part is separated from the head beam structure, which makes it easier for the user to adjust the joint between the earmuff and the head beam. There is a large product LOGO, and the sponge that fits the head is very soft, and the leather material also ensures good breathability.

In the handling of some small details, such as the metal wire drawing process of the head beam joint point, the appearance of the entire earphone is upgraded to a grade.

In the earmuffs section, I learned from the official introduction that Darwin uses a kind of material called 'protein', which can give users a more comfortable feeling of wrapping, and can also quickly restore the original shape after wearing (should be It is a kind of high-quality memory cotton.) Press it with your hand, the softness is moderate, and the feeling of squeezing the ear is almost impossible to understand. This is what the game headset should do.

The earmuffs are medium to upper in terms of the parcel area. My own ears are not large, they can be completely wrapped, and the sound insulation effect brought by them is basically satisfactory. After all, it is passive noise reduction. It is OK to have this effect. , should be able to handle the normal game environment.

The microphone part, although not the kind of telescopic design, but the metal material allows the microphone to be freely angled. The quality of the call during the game, teammates can clearly hear my voice, Mike also has a certain role in filtering the surrounding noise.

Compared with the old models, the wire and interface upgrades are more obvious. First, the interface returns to a single USB interface, plug and play. Second, the wire is equipped with a simple but very practical wire control device, integrating some conventional The function operation, as shown in the figure below, can also control the switch of the breathing light in addition to the volume adjustment of the earphone and the control of the microphone switch. This ensures that the player who has the game in the middle of the night does not affect the family members. Rest, very intimate.

Use experience

Let's talk about the overall wearing experience. The first feeling after wearing is 'not heavy', although the earphone unit has been upgraded, but the overall adjustment of the earphone weight has been optimized, in the use of headphones probably played three sets of 'speed The speed is decided, there is no feeling of chucking, and there is no feeling of fatigue in the neck. This urination still reminds the user to play the game must control the time, pay attention to the rest adjustment.

In the sound test session, I experienced a mobile version of the mobile attack on the computer simulator (the person who jumped from the sky was killed by me), thanks to the virtual 7.1 sound effect, the EH722 gives a sense of space during the game. Very in place, this is very important in the chicken game. In addition, the environmental sound performance is very good, you can clearly hear the footsteps on the side of the back (and PS, although I did not eat chicken in this plate), let people feel In the battlefield, immersive, compared to the price of the e-sports headset, he can fully meet the player's 'listening to the voice' needs, this price is self-evident.

Evaluation summary

The Darwin EH722 upgrade is a very standard but definitely not mediocre product. The cool shape of the diamond cut surface, coupled with the ice blue breathing light, is definitely the value of the Darwin gaming headset series. The fully wrapped earmuffs are not only comfortable to wear, but also have good sound insulation. In the game experience, the sound recognition function is very obvious, the sound is in place and the sound quality is clear. Eating a chicken should be easy.

Finally, to sum up a wave, face value, eat chicken, cost? When I learned that the official price of this headset is 269, I am still a little surprised, I believe that after the promotion, consumers can get more Beautiful price. For those who want to update the entry-level headphones in the home, and want to try the 7.1-channel headphones to inject the game, and the players with certain requirements on the appearance of the headphones, the EH722 upgrade is definitely a very good choice.