Can you really replace the handset? Measured vivo NEX full-screen sound technology

Before the launch of vivo NEX, in order to leave space for sensors, earpieces, front camera and other components, a full-screen mobile phone needs to use a special-shaped screen. Simply put, the screen is dug up. So it is the world's first true full-screen. Mobile phone, vivo NEX can be said to revolutionize the user's understanding of the appearance of the phone. In addition to the whimsical lifting front camera, full-screen sound technology is also the basis for the finalization of vivo NEX.

Since the birth of the mobile phone in 1973, the handset has been standard for mobile phones for nearly half a century. The full-screen sound technology used by vivo NEX uses the screen as a medium for vibration to transmit sound, thus replacing the diaphragm of the earpiece. In 2017, Sony used a similar screen sound field technology to remove the traditional TV set.

However, the application of new technologies will always bring some doubtful voices. In summary, is the full-screen sound technology really reliable?

Is the call clear?

Call is the basic function of the mobile phone. Whether it is dial-up or VoIP, it is very important to listen to others. Therefore, we call 10086 in a quiet and noisy environment to test. In order to reduce the impact of the signal. , using the same location, phone card, contrast object is vivo X21. We recorded the recording of two calls, you can feel it.

The first is the quiet environment, the difference between the full-screen sound (NEX) and the traditional earpiece (X21) is still very obvious. Vivo NEX sound field will be smaller, echo, glitch is gone; vivo X21 sound field is bigger, people The sound part will be mixed with a little echo. Compared with the vivo X21, the voice of the vivo NEX call is clear enough, and there will be no problem of insufficient volume, broken sound, low temperature, etc. affecting the call.

In the second round of testing, we used a speaker to play a large volume of music, and the two phones were in a nearby call. It can be said that the noise is higher than in a noisy outdoor. The two phones are naturally affected, but they have to be heard. It is clear that there is no problem with the other party's words. The vivo NEX also performs some noise reduction on the environmental noise, and the noise and vocals will have a certain distinction.

After this round of testing, we can first confirm that Vivo NEX's full-screen sound technology not only provides clear call function, but also actively performs noise reduction in noisy environments.

Will it reveal privacy?

Because the medium that vibrates the sound is the screen, it is much larger than the diaphragm area of ​​the earpiece. So when the phone is made with the vivo NEX, there will be a sound coming out around the body, so will it let others overhear the contents of the call? ?

In fact, you don't have to worry about this problem at all, because whether it is a full-screen sound or an earpiece, you can hear what the other party said during the distance of one arm (requires a quiet environment). But during normal conversation, the face is attached to the phone. The screen, such a small sound in the normal living environment, but also through the human head and let people hear, then the eavesdropping partner is estimated to be not normal humans.

▲This distance, I can't hear the sound of vivo NEX from the screen.

If you are eavesdropping, there is still a theoretical possibility from the back of the phone. In a quiet environment, about 20 cm from the back of the vivo NEX phone, you can probably hear a little call. This is probably a What kind of picture? The author and the sister show it to everyone, about the length of one arm is inaudible; and close to 20 cm can be heard, but if the author is so close to a girl on the street, it is estimated to be When the idiot caught it.

▲This distance is OK, but no one will listen to it like this.

Will the microphone have an effect?

The full-screen sound technology is sounded through the screen vibration. This can also be felt when making a phone call with vivo NEX. When the phone is actually called, the other party will have environmental noise in addition to speaking. There will be some vibration on the screen. The vibration will produce amplitude, so will it affect the microphone during the call? Like when we touch the microphone in KTV, there will be noise.

It is also the use of speakers to create a noisy environment, and to make real-time calls, while using the body software for recording. It can be found that although the background sound is very noisy, the voice of the call made by vivo NEX is still very clear. First of all, vivo NEX is full The screen sounds, but the sound is more concentrated in the upper part of the screen, followed by vivo NEX for the better AI voice interaction, the microphone noise reduction is deeply optimized.

Edit review

Including screen fingerprints, hidden sensors, screen sounds, and just released TOF 3D super-sensing technology, can be integrated on the screen. Of course, vivo is not simply to add technology to the product, but to provide users with a complete and mature Experience. For example, the full-screen sound technology of this test can achieve the experience of using the traditional earpiece. It is not easy to break the tradition. How to bring enough usability or surpass the tradition after breaking the tradition is even more difficult. The full-screen sound technology was first implemented on mobile phones, which is also the result of the pursuit of the mobile phone technology.