Meitu T9 evaluation: Gradually go to the extreme on the road of self-timer

Nowadays, the basic disk of the smartphone mobile phone market is already saturated, and each brand is more focused on the market segment. In the field of self-timer, Meitu mobile phone has already proved that it is not just a mobile phone + a Meitu Xiu Xiu APP. Regardless of the brand positioning or the product itself, Mito has won the market effect of “small Boda” for the accurate portrait of the subdivided users. I don’t see many net red hands, an iPhone+ a Mito phone is already Regular configuration. It can be seen that the Mito phone is attractive to female users. On June 27th, Mito released the latest flagship T9. When all mobile phones are doing beauty, Mito will consolidate itself in 'beauty. Yanjie's advantage, we look at the evaluation.

Unlike most of the 'standard faces' on the market, Mito phones have a shape that allows you to recognize them at a glance from 5 meters away. From the second generation of Mito's products, Mito will be 'double V design 'introduced into mobile phone products, and continues to this day. If you are looking at this style for the first time, you may feel more individual, even some alternative, but compared to the market's same 'full screen', 'Liu Haiping ', Mito T9 still has a unique temperament.

In fact, the styling is only one aspect. The top camera needs to be designed like this. In addition to the ID considerations, the biggest requirement is to put down an IMX363 that is often used in other flagship rear camera cameras in the position of the front camera. A 5 megapixel Samsung 4E8 sub-camera, and also supports OIS optical anti-shake, and two front-mounted smart fill lights distributed on the top of the top. So it is not difficult to understand why the Mito phone needs to make the forehead like this modeling.

The bottom of the fuselage may be symmetrical, using the same 'V' shape as the forehead, but compared to last year's T8s, the T9 does not use the front round Home button, but the fingerprint recognition is placed on the back of the fuselage However, when charging, there will be a curved breathing light, and the black bottom is equipped with a rose red breathing light, which looks dreamy.

The back of the fuselage is made of metal integrated body, with bright and rich berry red color matching, it looks quite fashionable. The two nano-injected antennas on the back of the fuselage are similar to the color of the fuselage, and there is no obvious violation.

The two back cameras of the Mito T9 are hidden in the iconic disc, which is exactly the same as the parameters of the front camera. It is still the Sony IMX 363 and Samsung 4E8, with OIS optical image stabilization. Below the camera is the size of the fingerprint recognition module. Almost round ring flash, and fingerprint recognition module.

In general, the Mito T9 still has a very strong 'beautiful' style, the metal-integrated body is matched with the color of the choice, and the Mito hopes to make the mobile phone a playable thing with a certain sense of fashion. More than just a mobile phone.

Create advanced beauty effects

Nowadays, ten of the ten mobile phones are doing self-portraits, but most of them use the same beauty scheme. In the T9, Mito has added personalized beauty files for users, using self-developed pyramid multi-dimensional portrait processing technology. After entering the 3D facial information, the face-to-point beauty effect is applied to different people's face types and face features, and there are three styles of 'natural face, delicate face, soft cute face'.

After creating your own file, enter the self-timer interface. Meitu provides three models of classic portrait, textured portrait and movie portrait. The classic portrait is mainly based on various beauty adjustments. If you enter the beauty scheme in advance, the system will Automatically follow the initial entry scheme, and if you feel that there is still something to modify, Meitu also provides fine-tuning of eight options: skin, face, cheekbones, chin, 3D and so on.

There are no two identical leaves in the world, and there are almost no two identical faces. In fact, the same beauty scheme is not suitable for different users, and Mito splits the face into different areas like cosmetic surgery. The beauty scheme is more suitable for users of different appearances. It can be seen that among the options provided by Mito, the treatment of facial features and facial forms account for most of the parts.

For the 'aesthetic', Asians have different ideas from Europeans and Americans. For Asians, self-portraits are more advocating 'exquisite faces', while Europeans and Americans prefer 'natural effects'. Most Asian faces are not as natural and deep as Europeans and Americans. Therefore, Mito's 'surgical scalpel' is generally accurate and beautiful, which not only brings a refined face, but also compensates for the 'three-dimensional sense' of the Asian face.

In the movie portrait, Mito T9 provides an interesting horizontal screen shot. When the screen of the mobile phone is stretched to 21:9, two black borders are added to the top and bottom of the photo to match the blur effect of the background. On the different filters, the whole picture has a story.

In addition, Meitu also has powerful filters, and gives different filter effects according to the above three different shooting modes. Different emotions can be expressed in different photo states to create different photos. style.

In addition, Mito T9 provides three modes: standard, backlight, and nighttime. Reconstruct the portrait theme and background, the light, and perform targeted processing, even in the more complex environment, it can provide a good self-timer effect. It is seen that in the backlight mode, there is obvious treatment for the phenomenon that the background of the character is overexposed, and the clarity of the user's face is also improved.

In the imaging of the rear camera, the imaging of the Mito T9 also has a good performance. Thanks to the grasp of the MT color system, the Mito T9 is more accurate for the white balance adjustment and color reproduction of the environment. And the effect of background blur is not bad. The lack of proof is that the sample brightness is somewhat dark.

Not only beauty, but also shaping

In the beginning, we asked a question: When all the manufacturers are doing beauty, how to deal with the Mito. The answer is: shaping. Only the beauty can not satisfy the Mito, so even in the T9 developed a body beautification The function is based on the MTLAB (Meitu Imaging Lab) big data golden ratio algorithm developed by Meitu, the new skeleton point recognition technology, intelligently adjust the user's body proportion.

In the body type of the beauty option, there are long legs, slimming, and the head can be selected. It can be seen that the final imaging effect is quite natural. And even if the long leg value is adjusted to the exaggerated 60, There is still no obvious deformation in the processing of the background, which is almost invisible. However, it can only be used in single-person photos, and will be applied to the video function at the end of July.

Hardware Configuration:

Meitu T9 basic parameters
Screen characteristics6.01 inch AMOLED screen
Body weight183g
Network modeDual card dual standby full Netcom
Body memory64/128GB
Running memory4/6GB
Camera characteristics12 million + 5 million double shot
battery capacity3100mAh
Special featureMTgame, MTcolor system
Terminal price4199'Click for details '

Although in many people's impressions, the self-portrait-based Mito does not attach great importance to the hardware. But nowadays various image effects and real-time previews have made the mobile phone have certain requirements for hardware. Therefore, on the Mito T9. For the first time, using the Snapdragon 660 processor, it has become the best performing Mito phone so far. And what surprised us is that Mito cooperates with the "Glory of the King" team to optimize for multi-threading and operate more smoothly in the game.

to sum up:

After years of accumulation, Meitu's position in the self-portrait market segment is unquestionable. When the whole people are doing beauty, Mito can innovate to introduce the full-body beauty function. In this 'face value is justice In the age of 'Meitu, the 'self-timer' will spare no effort to achieve the ultimate. Whether it is the continuous optimization of small function points, or continuous innovation on the big function point. I want to experience a beautiful picture with a colleague. The comment after T9 is the end of the evaluation: After using the perfect picture, I can't directly look at me in the iPhone camera.