Witness | 'Magic' | 15 days old and new refrigerator preservation test results released

A 15-day 'Fridge Preservation Storage Test' started on June 23 in Beijing's Longde Plaza. The 'long-distance race' for the fresh-keeping energy-saving effect of the old refrigerators was finally released on July 8. On the day, under the witness of many parties, the 'opening ceremony' was opened, and the fruit that was sealed for 15 days in this experiment was 'released'.

In this event, Jingdong Home Appliances has joined the seven major refrigerator brands such as Midea, Siemens, Meiling and Samsung. In addition, Jingdong Appliances has teamed up with the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute to evaluate the data. Through the on-site visual observation experience and scientific data comparison, To verify the difference between the fresh-keeping refrigerators equipped with 'black technology' and the ordinary old refrigerators. What are the fruits of the fresh-keeping refrigerators and old refrigerators sealed for 15 days? What effect does the preservation technology have on the preservation of fruits and vegetables? Many people, including Xiaobian, have questions and curiosity.

Sun Zhitao, general manager of the ice washing and sales department of the Home Appliances Division of Jingdong Electronic Entertainment Group, shared the original intention of the event at the opening ceremony. He said that with the upgrade of consumption, people's demand for refrigerator preservation is also increasing. It is difficult to judge and distinguish the fresh-keeping effect of the refrigerator in life, and the understanding of the preservation technology of some refrigerators is not intuitive enough. He hopes that through this activity, everyone can understand the characteristics of the new fresh-keeping refrigerator, and to a certain extent, can protect the daily life of consumers. Healthy diet, I also hope that everyone can pay attention to the impact of the refrigerator on the health of users.

After 15 days, through the close observation on the spot, it was found that although the surface of the fruit stored in the fresh-keeping refrigerator showed signs of water loss, the internal moisture content after cutting was firm and the fruit was normal, and most of the fruits in the old refrigerator had already occurred. Mildew, and spoiled scent.

At the same time as the 'refrigerator preservation test', the China National Household Research Institute's 'Microbiology Research Room' simulates the daily life of consumers and simulates the fruits and vegetables in the new and old refrigerators by switching the refrigerator several times a day. collection.

It can be clearly seen from the above figure that in the daily life state, the daily changes of fruits and vegetables in the new and old refrigerators clearly show that the preservation effect shows a significant difference.

In order to rigorously judge the fresh-keeping effect of new and old refrigerators, the China National Household Products Research Institute 'Microbiology Research Room' launched a seven-day vegetable storage and preservation effect evaluation, using the weight loss rate (weighing before and after storage), vitamin C retention rate, chlorophyll preservation Rate and other calculation formulas, calculate the freshness of the ingredients in different refrigerators. According to the data released on the spot, it can be seen that the weight loss rate of fruits and vegetables in old refrigerators and the retention rate of vitamin C are unqualified. The retention rate of vitamin C in new fresh-keeping refrigerators is as high as 95.07. The chlorophyll retention rate is as high as 95.87, which is higher than the old refrigerator.

How do you see the freshness of a refrigerator? Many people's direct response is 'low temperature'. Although temperature is an important indicator of refrigerated food, 'low temperature' is not the only indicator. From the evaluation data and sensory comparison chart can be clearly It is seen that under the same conditions, the difference in preservation of fruits and vegetables in different refrigerators is still very large, and this difference is mainly due to preservation technology.

At present, there are five common preservation technologies for refrigerators in the market, namely zero-degree preservation technology, VC preservation technology, vacuum preservation technology, photosynthetic preservation technology and silver ion antibacterial preservation technology. In addition, there are also Meiling refrigerators, original water molecules. Activate the preservation technology, etc. In contrast, the drawback of the old refrigerator is that its cooling effect is not stable, and it is easy to speed up the spoilage of the ingredients.

In the interview, Tianji.com learned that in the future, Jingdong Home Appliances and other major brands will continue to build a healthy circle of consumer life and bring more preferential benefits to consumers. It is reported that after the end of the fresh-keeping test activities, July 10 will be welcomed. To the Jingdong platform refrigerator washing machine super category day, there is a certain preferential margin.