Improve user experience | Samsung Air Solutions solves a variety of indoor air problems

In recent years, the degree of air pollution has increased, and people's attention to air quality has been heating up. Under this situation, air purifiers have emerged as a product of the times and are expected to meet people's demand for clean air. It is undeniable that When this market just started, the sales of air purifiers were extremely hot, and the air purifier products were also endless. But slowly people began to calm down and rationally think about some problems related to air purifiers. Many people are buying air purifiers. Wait and see attitude, users who have already purchased the machine also have a lot of idle air purifiers. Is the demand for air purifiers not high enough or the experience is not good enough?

From the point of view of demand, people often associate the popularity of air purifiers with the 'smog economy'. The high degree of smog and strong market demand have caused many brands to see business opportunities and have entered the market. International brands that have been immersed for many years, and many small and medium-sized enterprises have also participated in it, making the whole industry look mixed. But there are also some cottage manufacturers in this industry, which squirt fish and reduce the trust of users in air purifiers. But overall, empty The net industry outlook is still optimistic.

As far as experience is concerned, most air purifiers are currently filter-type air purifiers. What are the reasons for being idle?

Filter problem

Take the widely used HEPA filter as an example. Under normal circumstances, replace the filter 3-4 times a year. In case of severe smog, it needs to be replaced every week. The second consumption caused by replacing the filter makes many people Avoid it, if you do not replace the filter, the accumulation of pollutants on the filter will cause secondary pollution, resulting in greater health losses.

Lack of sterilization ability

Traditional air purifiers can only purify indoor air. When doors and windows are closed, the concentration of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and formaldehyde in the room rises, providing a 'warm nest' for bacterial growth, and indoors will be more susceptible to bacterial diseases, especially the elderly, children. , pregnant women and office workers, hurt more.

High maintenance costs

In the process of user experience, replacing the filter can be a big problem. The frequency of replacement and replacement cost must be considered. In terms of experience, the efficiency of the filter air purifier may be higher for the first time, but with With the passage of time, the accumulation of pollutants, the purification efficiency plummets. If the filter is not replaced in time, it will not purify the air, but it will threaten human health.

Reduce the use threshold, Samsung air purifier solves worries

In response to consumer concerns in actual use, Samsung is committed to optimizing the user experience of air-cleaning products. First, Samsung's mid- to high-end series AX5000/AX7000's tamper-enhanced models are based on the efficient and safe HEPA filter. The electrostatic dust collecting device greatly improves the purification effect of the smog environment by the adsorption capacity of the charged particles, and is also equipped with a more scientific and accurate filter replacement reminding function, through the wind speed, pollution level, boot time and infrared induction. The situation comprehensively measures the use of the filter, and provides accurate filter life feedback to the user through the built-in filter life measurement mechanism in the face of complex environments.

The electrostatic dust collector and filter life reminder mechanism has paved the way for Samsung Air, and the long-lasting filter far higher than the new national standard CCM value provides a long-lasting service life, greatly reduced Subsequent filter replacement frequency and replacement cost. In order to solve the problem of bacteria and virus breeding that endanger human health, Samsung's full line of air purifier products are equipped with Samsung's patented ultra-clean 3 ion group sterilization technology, which can effectively kill the air. Bacterial virus, the most effective treatment for the secondary pollution of the filter.

While improving the consumer experience, Samsung has enriched the function of the purifier. In real life, air pollution often does not give people a very intuitive discomfort, but the accompanying dryness is even more unbearable. Samsung recently launched 'Running and sterilizing' humidifying air purifier will change this situation. The biggest feature of this humidifying purifier is that it can provide continuous and humidified humidifying air, which can also enhance the indoor air pollution while purifying indoor pollution. In combination with its humanized no-sink design, it can automatically adjust the function of humidification, becoming one of the most popular purifier products on the market.

The air quality problem is still far from being solved. The protection of respiratory health cannot be taken lightly. With the maturity of the whole industry, the air purifier can not only effectively solve the air pollution problem at present, but also improve the user experience, segmentation function, etc. in the future. In terms of extension and development. As the leader of the empty net industry, Samsung continues to play its leading role in the industry, and leads the beautiful life under the trend of consumption upgrading with innovative technology.