White-interest-free ' activities, can be said to be the gift of health benefits package. A 15-day freshness Test | Explore the mysteries of fresh ingredients

During the summer, the heat not only tests people's endurance, but also affects our diet. In people's traditional impression, want to maintain fresh ingredients, refrigerator low-temperature environment is the key to keep fresh. But more and more consumers found that the old home refrigerator, although it can also keep cold, but the effect is not satisfactory, this is why?

In fact, this with the old refrigerator temperature control instability and lack of fresh-keeping technology has a great relationship, the new fresh-keeping refrigerator equipped with fresh technology, old refrigerators are often not available, this is ' poor freshness ' the root cause. In order to prove the above view more intuitively, to popularize more healthy consumers, the right way to keep fresh food, Beijing-East home appliances United States, Siemens, Meiling, Crystal Hong, Hisense, Samsung, LG seven brands of fresh-keeping refrigerators, launched a 15-day ' refrigerator storage test ';

At the same time, Beijing-East Appliances commissioned China Household Appliances Research Institute for 7 days of professional data evaluation and sensory assessment, for this event to participate in the new preservation of the refrigerator supporting and endorsement. In the experiment, the fresh fruit was sealed into the new fresh-keeping refrigerator of the seven brands and compared with the old refrigerator.

After 15 days of waiting, the fruit of long-lasting preservation results of the people's expectations.

Contrast chart of fruit changes in old and new refrigerators (left fresh-keeping refrigerator) Can see, sealed in the new fresh-keeping refrigerator fruit surface some moisture loss, cut inside found pulp or more solid, but the old refrigerator fruit has obvious withered state, and some have begun to mildew, there are obvious odor.

A more direct view of the consumer to see the 15 days of changes in fruits and vegetables, the strength to witness the seven major brands of refrigerator products preservation effect.

Home Appliance test new and old refrigerator in the comparison of fruits and vegetables (left for the new fresh-keeping refrigerator)

From the above picture can clearly see, in the daily life of the state, the new and old refrigerators daily changes in the fruits and vegetables, intuitive to see the effect of fresh preservation shows a significant difference. For more rigorous judgment of new and old refrigerators fresh effect, China Household Appliances Research Institute ' microbiology Laboratory ' in the same period launched a 7-day vegetable storage effect evaluation, the use of scientific algorithms, the use of weightlessness (storage before and after the weighing calculation), vitamin C retention rate, chlorophyll retention rate and other formulas, To calculate the freshness of different kinds of food in refrigerators, according to the published data can be seen, the old refrigerator of fruit and vegetable weightlessness, vitamin C retention rate are unqualified.

The new fresh-keeping refrigerator Vitamin C retention rate of up to 95.07, chlorophyll retention rate of up to 95.87, are higher than the old refrigerator.

Activity on site Home Appliance Publishing & Display data So, in the end, which kind of fresh-keeping technology, so that the refrigerator in the nutritional preservation of food materials can have such a qualitative leap?

Currently on the market, there are generally five kinds of fresh-keeping technology, namely, ' Zero preservation technology, VC fresh-keeping technology, vacuum preservation technology, photosynthetic technology and silver ion antibacterial preservation technology ', their emphasis is different. such as Siemens home appliances ' zero bio-preservation technology, through the Isensoric intelligence system, at any time to monitor the temperature and humidity state, so that the refrigerator storeroom is always in a relatively stable, independent, and very close to 0 ℃ temperature state, and maintain a certain humidity, so that food will not freeze, Also long benefited from the freezing point of the ultimate preservation of the state, especially suitable for storing sashimi type of food.

and ' vacuum preservation technology ', the refrigerator storage room can be extracted from the air for the food to create dry, gas-thin freshness of the environment.

Like the beauty of the ' Platinum Net flavor preservation Technology ', through the built-in air-conditioning system in the Platinum net odor device, continuous decomposition of the refrigerator odor, to provide a healthier food storage environment.

The beauty of platinum net flavor preservation Technology

More like meiling ' water molecule activated freshness technology ', by vibrating the moisture in the food, activating the water molecule, reducing the activity of the enzyme, reducing the damage to the cell membrane, reducing the loss of the juice, solving the freshness of the food material, releasing the fresh blood and the poor consumption of the bag, which brings the new experience of long-lasting freshness to the users. In addition to the sophistication of fresh-keeping techniques, new-keeping refrigerators are comparable in other ways.

Take refrigeration, the intelligent temperature, temperature control system and the application of high efficiency inverter compressor, so that the new fresh-keeping refrigerator will not ' hot and cold '. In addition, more scientific and reasonable more circulatory system, but also to provide a great help for preservation; Through a number of air duct inside the refrigerator, using solenoid valve and fan to achieve the conversion between the circuit, where the need for air-conditioning to send to where, at all times to maintain a stable low-temperature state, temperature fluctuations are smaller;

More parts of the new refrigerator using a dual-system design, so that the refrigerator has two sets of heat exchange system, refrigeration independent operation, mutual interference, thoroughly solve the food Chuanwei troubles. Compared to the old refrigerator, equipped with excellent fresh-keeping technology and new design of fresh-keeping refrigerators, can greatly change our lives, so that our diet healthier, more durable preservation. BEIJING-East household appliances as one of the large-scale industry platform, not only to popularize the health of the refrigerator, more consumers have been put on welfare concessions. It is reported that July 10 will usher in the Beijing-east platform refrigerator washing Machine Super Category day, participating in the trial of the numerous refrigerators are also listed in the promotional activities, there are 455 liters of the cross air-cooled refrigerator to 1999 yuan, 10 kg inverter drum below 2000 yuan, well-known brands every 1000 to reduce 100 activities, but also enjoy '

White-interest-free ' activities, can be said to be the gift of health benefits package. A 15-day freshness Test | Explore the mysteries of fresh ingredients