How old and new refrigerator food preservation effect? ​​Jingdong home appliance reveals fresh preservation results

15 days ago, Jingdong Appliances brought seven well-known refrigerator brands, such as Midea, Siemens and Meiling, to conduct a storage refrigerator test on the theme of 'sensing time, lock fresh' in Beijing Longde Square. It must be remembered that we had thrown a question 15 days ago, that is, how big is the difference between the new and old refrigerators in terms of food preservation? After 360 hours of storage, this afternoon, Jingdong Appliances announced the results of the 15-day fresh-keeping refrigerator storage test. Use facts to tell consumers the difference between fresh and old refrigerators.

If you don’t see the ingredients taken from the new and old refrigerators on the spot, you may not really imagine that their difference is so big! Through experiments we can see that the new fresh-keeping refrigerators are stored. Although there are signs of water loss on the surface of the fruit, the internal water is sufficient after cutting, and the fruit in the old refrigerator has been mildewed and spoiled.

Real and old refrigerator fresh food ingredients real shot (left for the new fresh-keeping refrigerator storage, right for the old refrigerator storage)

The new and old refrigerators have stronger fresh-keeping effect, and the test results are clear at a glance. In order to further prove that the new fresh-keeping refrigerator can preserve the nutrients in the ingredients more effectively and effectively extend the food preservation period, Jingdong Household Appliances invited the China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute at the initial stage of the event. A professional evaluation of the fresh-keeping effect of new and old refrigerators for 7 days of common fruits and vegetables in our daily life. On-site activities of the unpacking activities, Lu Jianguo, deputy chief engineer of China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute and director of the Institute of Testing and Metrology Technology The results of the evaluation were published. The results of the evaluation showed that the fresh-keeping refrigerator had higher weight loss rate, vitamin C retention rate and chlorophyll retention rate than ordinary, old refrigerators.

Sun Zhitao, general manager of the ice washing and sales department of the home appliance business unit of Jingdong Electronic Entertainment Group, said that it is difficult for consumers to judge in life, to distinguish the fresh-keeping effect of the refrigerator, and to understand the preservation technology of the new refrigerator. It is to let everyone know that the current new fresh-keeping refrigerator can achieve precise temperature control, independent temperature control, 360-degree effective extension of food preservation period, to a certain extent, to protect consumers' daily diet health. At the same time, also hope to consume Can pay attention to the health problems brought by the refrigerator.

The preservation of the refrigerator not only ensures the natural freshness of the ingredients, but also the health of the ingredients. The old refrigerator not only greatly reduces the fresh-keeping effect of the ingredients, but also has the disadvantages of odor, electricity and other advantages. Understand the advantages of the new fresh-keeping refrigerator. Are you eager to change a new refrigerator? It is understood that on July 10th, the Jingdong platform refrigerator washing machine super category day will be ushered in. The discount scale is absolutely coveted: 455 liters cross-cooled refrigerator as low as 1999 Yuan, 10 kg inverter drum fell below 2,000 yuan. More than the refrigerator washing machine famous brand every 1000 reduction of 100 activities, white strips interest-free, come and buy it!