Haier air purifier: formaldehyde loves high temperature days | small heat needs to prevent indoor pollution

Steamed fish in the morning, braised pork at noon, teppanyaki at night... Don't think too much about the food, don't even drool, this is not a gourmet meal of the day, but the continuous high temperature weather, netizens on their own state 'Taunting'. No wonder, the heat wave is coming, the heat wave is coming, where can I stay cool! In fact, in the hot summer, the 'hot dog' is not a thing, the formaldehyde pollution caused by the rising temperature is even more terrible. What should I do? Don't worry, a Haier air purifier KJ510F-EAA with ultra-high purification efficiency can help you solve indoor pollution problems such as formaldehyde, toluene, VOC, and odor.

A set of numbers reads formaldehyde. It is more likely to run out in the summer.

Did you know that formaldehyde is most active in summer and volatilization is faster than other seasons? This is because the summer temperature is high, the molecular activity of formaldehyde is intense, and it is easy to move from the interior of the home to the surface of the home, leading to formaldehyde. The internal release is accelerated. Experimental data shows that high temperature weather directly causes indoor formaldehyde emission to be 20%-30% higher than normal. Every 1 °C rise in room temperature will increase the formaldehyde concentration in indoor air by 0.15~0.37 times. It is conceivable that with the arrival of the summer heat, formaldehyde pollution is bound to become more 'unscrupulous'.

In response to formaldehyde pollution, the most direct and effective method is to purchase an air purifier. In addition to the aldehyde removal effect, Haier KJ510F-EAA air purifier is recognized as a 'good hand'. For large-sized products, the air purifier has a CADR value of 590m3/h and a CADR value of 330m3/h. Even in the case of a large space of 66m2, it can be completed in a short time. Efficient removal of various pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc., fast speed, high efficiency, and impressive.

Indoor pollution, stop formaldehyde, your home has been 'crisis

The harm of formaldehyde is obvious and difficult to understand, but it affects the health of oneself and the family. Except for formaldehyde, benzene, odors, dust, bacteria, dust mites and other pollutants lurking throughout the life, they should not be underestimated. , also began to become more and more mad, seriously threaten the health of the body, such as common allergies, cough, headache, asthma, dermatitis, etc., are caused by this, it is time to wipe them all out.

Based on the high CADR value, Haier KJ510F-EAA air purifier is equipped with a high-efficiency composite filter with 5-fold filtration function. It consists of primary filter, H12 HEPA filter, activated carbon, nano-silver ion antibacterial layer, negative ion layer. Composition, form a tight protective net, let formaldehyde, odor, dander, hair, bacteria, mites have nowhere to escape, help you quickly restore fresh and clean air.

It is worth mentioning that in order to enrich the user experience, this product is also equipped with advanced intelligent monitoring function. When users use it, they can download the Haier environment app through mobile phone, which can realize remote intelligent control. Where, at what time, can monitor in real time, adjust the indoor air quality.

There is a saying in the proverb: 'Great summer heat, steamed and boiled. ' Summer, that is hot, the summer season means the beginning of 'three days', most parts of the country will enter the 'grill mode'. High temperature weather, it is formaldehyde, TVOC , odor, the favorite hotbed of bacteria, indoor pollution needs to be highly valued. Haier air purifier, relying on international leading purification technology and craftsmanship, to help you create a healthy living space, refuse to make the home into a 'gas chamber'.