Reading: A French family moved into a 3D printed four-bedroom home! A French family moved into a 3D printed four-bedroom home!

According to foreign media CNET, France is known for its wine, cheese and the two-week Tour de France. Now it will be famous for stunning 3D printing houses in the construction industry. According to French media Ouest France, Nordine and Nouria Ramdani And their three children moved into a 1022 square foot four-bedroom 3D printed house on June 29. It was reported that Ramdani moved in after the other two families refused to check in.

The 3D printing project is a cooperation project between the City Council of Nantes, France, a housing association and Nantes University. According to BBC News, the construction cost of the house is 207,000 US dollars (about 1.374 million yuan), which takes 54 hours. Printing time. It takes another four months for builders to add windows, doors and roofs. The BBC estimates that the cost of a home built with traditional building technology will increase by about 20%.

Benoit Furet, a professor at Nantes University who led the project, said that 3D printed homes offer architects greater creative freedom because it allows them to use free-flowing shapes in their designs. For example, the residence in Nantes is surrounded by Built with a 100-year-old tree. The house is also environmentally friendly, as the building process does not produce the same waste as traditional building techniques.

Furet is launching another 3D printing project that will print 18 homes in Paris 3D and a 7,500 square foot commercial building.