Reading: The artist created an AI Polaroid camera that can print graffiti | The artist created an AI Polaroid camera that can print graffiti

Digital cameras are no longer new, but in recent years artificial intelligence (AI) has a tendency to make progress in various fields. This article is to introduce you to the interesting 'AI Polaroid Camera' created by artist Dan Macnish. This DIY project integrates a Raspberry Pi computer and some 'magic' from Google. Dan Macnish said on the official website that the camera can be used to process the camera's pictures and then print them out as graffiti.

The project is based on the Raspberry Pi and thermal printers, but the core AI component is Google's 'Quick, Draw!'.

A few years ago, we introduced this drawing AI from Google. The project aims to train artificial intelligence through basic sketches drawn by the public.

Google’s 'Quick, Draw!' project has not stopped, and interested friends can stamp the following URL:


The website says that the current user has created more than 50 million drawings for it.

Dan Macnish says:

It uses the object recognition system to perceive the content captured by the camera. After determining the objects in the image, the Google graffiti data set is used to 'translate' the photos into children's graffiti-like works.

In the end, the graffiti will be printed on thermal paper to achieve 'Polaroid'.