DreamWorld Augmented Reality AR Glasses Debut in Zero One Technology Festival

From July 5th to 8th, the first Zero Science and Technology Festival was officially held in Shenzhen Shekou Value Factory. This exhibition attracted more than 100 companies from more than 100 countries around the world, and all kinds of black technology gathered together. Inside, an augmented reality AR glasses attracted the attention of the author.

This augmented reality AR glasses from DreamWorld has the function of human eye tracking. After wearing, the image will appear in the screen below, and you can adjust the position of the cursor in the screen by moving the focus of your eye. When you find the right location and need confirmation, you can lift your hand to the front of the smart glasses and make a gesture similar to 'C' at the camera.

Smart glasses can enter the mall and some programs, such as the stereoscopic anatomy of some objects. You don't need to get the real thing, you can understand the internal and details through the AR glasses. When you need to quit the application, you need to put your hand in front of the camera. The action of releasing the fist after the fist. The AR glasses track the eyeball faster, and the gesture recognition is more sensitive.

Overall, AR glasses from DreamWorld are expected to perform in many fields such as medical care and education.