Want to interact with human-computer interaction | 'Spots and Spirits' | The new technology of AI brings two new AI species

On July 5th, Wuling Technology held its first brand and product launch conference in Beijing since its inception. This conference advocates spiritual product concepts and relationship interactions with the theme of 'Points and Spirits'.

At the meeting, Wuling Technology released two new products, LukaHero and LukaBaby. These two products have multi-modal, multi-sensory interactive experience, support for reading, props, reading, follow-up and other functions, the main children's reading habits Selling points such as Cheng and Enlighten English can be used to develop children's concentration, abstract thinking and language ability, and to face children's education and companionship in the family.

The release of these two new products also marks the initial formation of the Luka picture book reading robot product matrix, and will bring a new interactive experience to consumers with different needs. As a new starting point, Wuling Technology will accelerate the creation of domestic and foreign products. Consumer market, a first-line brand in the field of artificial intelligence technology covering adult and children's diverse application scenarios.

Using paper as a medium, having spiritual AI consumer goods

The 'Luka' launched by Wuling Technology at the end of 2017 has created a new category of picture book reading robots. With excellent interactive experience and forward-looking content layout, the listing has been well received by users for only half a year. As a child interaction The solution to the educational enlightenment experience, the spirit of the 'multimodal, multi-sensory interaction' concept is applied to Luka. Luka's interaction model with children's users, from the basic one-way command to the spiritual two-way interaction.

In terms of content, Luka supports the recognition reading of 25571 Chinese picture books and 3881 English picture books, and is still increasing every week. The picture recognition speed is less than 0.5 seconds, and the immersive reading experience of picture book + sound becomes a feature.

But the spirit of science and technology is not satisfied with this. It finds that the most intuitive way of interacting with children in the initial stage of touching strange things is to use their fingers to directly 'point and point'. The science of science has keenly captured this, creating Sexually carried the 'point reading' interactive method to Luka Hero.

Through visual, auditory, and tactile multimodal interactions, Luka Hero makes the content of the picture book no longer limited to 'audible, understandable', and more 'touchable', and the interactive experience has been subverted. The artificial intelligence interaction technology, Luka Hero not only replaces the core competitiveness of point-reading pen products once and for all, but also proves that the form of multi-sensory interaction can better satisfy the curiosity of children and stimulate their curiosity.


Luka Baby continues the advantages of Luka. On this basis, the size set by the user research makes it more portable, so that children can use it quickly and easily anytime and anywhere. The spiritual dot matrix display design gives Luka Baby interaction. Experience the characteristics of exclusive and personalized, more easily accepted by children.

It is understood that the picture book reading robot Luka Hero and Luka Baby have been listed on the major e-commerce platform and offline experience store.

In the domestic smart market, there are a large number of family companion robots and children's educational robot products. But Wuling Technology has been committed to creating innovative new products and experiences introduced by multi-modal AI technology and relational human-computer interaction. It came into being, and it has upgraded the children's reading experience with the follow-up reading, finger reading and other innovative black technology.

At the end of the conference, Gu Jiawei, co-founder and CEO of Wuling Technology, announced another big news: Wuling Technology has received a large amount of RMB 150 million Pre-A round of financing. This marks a new startup. The business model of Wuling Technology has gained capital market. In the future, Wuling will develop and participate in market competition with a more independent attitude.