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Under the dual influence of consumption upgrade and cost reduction, hybrid models are quietly entering a period of rapid sales growth.

Recently, NBD Auto (micro-signal: NBD-AUTO) visited the Beijing auto sales market and learned that most hybrid models are more popular.

During this time, Corolla Twin Engine has been selling well. At present, there are only white and blue cars in the store. If you choose other colors, you need to book. The car pick-up cycle is about one and a half months. The sales staff of a FAW Toyota 4S store in Beijing is going to NBD. The car said. '

'Borui GE has only been listed for more than 20 days. We have more than 1,000 orders in a city in Shenzhen. ' Lin Jie, vice president of Geely Automobile Group, general manager of sales company, said, 'Barry GE has become the first 48V in China. For production models, we are the first to apply the plug-in hybrid PHEV and light-mix MHEV technology that are important to Geely's new energy strategy to the B-class. I hope that Borui GE can truly open the new energy market for the B-class.

Not only oil-electric hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid models have also experienced explosive growth. China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as China Automobile Association) data show that from January to May this year, plug-in hybrid passenger car sales 74,000 vehicles, an increase of 238.3% year-on-year.

'The faster sales growth indicates that the development of hybrid models has entered a new stage, but the sales growth rate will not remain above 200% for a long time. 'The Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Association Ye Shengji said.

Insertion and mixing speed increase first ultra-pure electric

'If the budget is enough, I suggest you buy a dual-engine version.' The above-mentioned FAW Toyota 4S store sales staff told NBD that the cost-effective version of the Corolla dual-engine version is higher than the fuel version. In addition to the fuel consumption advantage, the configuration is also good, the focus is two The difference in the version is only around 20,000 yuan.

With the ever-shrinking price difference between fuel vehicles, the hybrid models with outstanding fuel consumption are gradually accepted by domestic consumers. The data shows that in the first five months of this year, the sales volume of hybrid electric vehicles has grown rapidly, such as FAW Toyota Corolla hybrid version sales 3.35. Ten thousand vehicles, an increase of 46.67% over the same period; Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Camry mixed version sales of 0.71 million, an increase of 164.82%; Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Leiling mixed version sales of 16100 vehicles, an increase of 18.58%.

Similar to hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid models are also experiencing an outbreak this year. The China Automobile Association data shows that in the first five months, the cumulative sales growth of plug-in hybrid passenger vehicles was as high as 238.3%, compared with pure electric The growth rate of the car is 128.3 percentage points higher. NBD cars have learned that this situation is the first time in recent years.

According to public information, in 2017, China's pure electric passenger car sales growth rate was as high as 82.1%, plug-in hybrid vehicle growth rate was 39.4%; in 2016, pure electric passenger car growth rate was 75.1%, plug-in The growth rate of hybrid is only 30.9%.

In this regard, Ye Shengji explained that on the one hand, in recent years, the state has vigorously promoted new energy vehicles, and consumer attitudes toward hybrid vehicles have become more mature; on the other hand, with the upgrade of technology, the price of hybrid vehicles has also been greatly reduced. In addition, unlike pure electric vehicles, which are concentrated in the city of restricted purchases, hybrid models have a very broad market in second and third tier cities.

However, Ye Shengji also pointed out that although the hybrid models are on the fast, they can achieve a high growth rate of more than 200% in the first five months, partly because the base in the same period last year was low and could not be maintained in the long run.

48V light mixed breakout B-class car

In the context of the rapid growth of hybrid car sales, car companies are also increasing. This year, such as Mondeo plug-in hybrid version, BMW 5 series plug-in hybrid version, Geely Borui GE plug-in hybrid version and oil and electricity mixed Dynamic models and other models are on the market.

'In the case that the new energy technology is not particularly clear, the principle of Geely Automobile is generally in contact with all aspects, and there must be innovation on the part.” Lin Jie, vice president of Geely Automobile Group and general manager of the sales company, told NBD Automotive, ' Geely has four routes including pure electricity, hybrid, fuel cell and alternative fuel. These directions are not only for Geely's forward-looking technology research and development, but also for the industry's development trend.

Lin Jie stressed that there is still a long way to go before entering the pure electricity era. Under the current circumstances, it is hybrid technology that can benefit the country and benefit the people. It not only saves consumers the cost of travel, but also reduces emissions.

For this reason, in recent years, 48V light-mixing technology has become more and more popular among independent automakers. It is understood that 48V light-mixing is mainly for the re-mixing technology of Japanese automakers represented by Toyota, and its general motor output power accounts for The percentage of total engine output power is less than 20%.

An independent car enterprise technology research and development personnel explained to NBD that the voltage required for 48V light-mix technology is 48V, while Toyota's re-mixing power requires 330V. In contrast, fuel-saving for heavy-duty vehicles. Better, 48V light mix models cost less.

The R&D personnel further exemplified that, in general, if a vehicle uses 48V light mixing technology, it only costs about 5,000 yuan more than the ordinary fuel vehicle, and the use of heavy mixing technology increases the cost by about 25,000 yuan.

Some analysts in the industry believe that at present, autonomous car companies are generally looking for new growth points, and hybrid models, especially those equipped with 48V light-mix technology, are a new market to be further developed.

It is understood that after the listing of the Borui GE model, Geely hopes to increase the average monthly sales volume of Borui from about 3,000 to about 10,000. The blessing of 48V light-mix technology is a breakthrough to break the sales bottleneck.