New Wave Holiday Experience | Changyou Home Culture Museum

The summer holiday is coming soon. For parents who want to go to work, it is undoubtedly a pain point for parents to take their children to play with them. Especially for primary and middle school students, how to get the knowledge that can't be learned in class while playing is the most parents. Where to care. Where do you go for this holiday? Let's take a look at the Huihui family's good advice!

'Summer vacation parent-child time'

Dad Tang Fei: Like sports, release pressure through exercise

Tang Fei 37 years old photographer

father: I hope that when the children are having fun, they can let the children learn the knowledge they can't get in the textbook. It happens that the family needs to be renovated. It is best to choose a few suitable household items for the family during the holiday period. I have listened to my friend’s recommendation of the Louvre before, and I’ve taken a look at it. What surprised me is that the Louvre’s furniture is complete, rich in variety, romantic and elegant French style, steady and warm Italian style, heavy American style. Style, elegant and subtle Chinese style... satisfied my need to add furniture to my home.

Mom Min Min: Fine Lifeist

Min Min 35 years old, media person

mom: The child has a holiday, but the adult has to go to work. He can only take him to the short-distance playground around the weekend. It is inevitable to feel tired after a long summer in the summer. It takes about half an hour to drive to the Louvre from Guangzhou. Convenient, and the facilities are very complete, from Shunde authentic cuisine, French-Italian cuisine, and high-end hotel experience. The children can experience the fascinating home culture and art, let him know the world from different angles and broaden his horizons. Feel the real 'home' and 'life'.

son Tang Yihui : Character is lively and interested

Tang Yihui 9 years old

child: I learned the Greek story from the book and hope to have the opportunity to visit it. In the Louvre, my favorite is the constellation square and the golden hall. The pictures I see in the book can also be seen here. Mom and Dad take me, While chatting, I recalled the pictures I saw in the book. I liked it very much. When I go home, I will paint it on my handwritten newspaper. I have a good time at the Louvre, and things in the food court can be It’s delicious! Next time I want to come here with my little friends!


New home culture experience

The Louvre covers an area of ​​380,000 square meters, bringing together more than 2,000 domestic first-line home brands and hundreds of European pure imported brands, and 20 home-themed exhibition halls, which can be called 'home culture museum without tickets'.

The European and American Pavilion and Living Hall are two large furniture exhibition halls of the Louvre. They have a romantic and elegant French style, a steady Italian style, a heavy American style and a subtle Chinese style... all you can find here. , or unexpected furniture.

Popular attractions

Constellation Square was built in 5 years, which perfectly combines ancient Greek and Roman colonnades, Baroque and other architectural forms to reproduce the artistic classics of European culture.

The palatial golden hall, from 'the Virgin and Child' to 'Napoleon', seems to enter a European historical gallery; 382 chairs rise from the chair tower, such as the same clear spring pouring down from the top of the tower; and the time tunnel 'Rainbow Gallery' , Parrot Chair, Creative Garden, Shenmi Garden and Louvre Museum Collection... In the meantime, I thought I was in the Renaissance.

Gourmet feast waiting for you

The 7500-square-meter food court of the Louvre Museum, you can enjoy your taste buds at any time, so that your journey is fascinating!

There are French restaurants, Italian restaurants, Japanese restaurants and Cantonese restaurants in the scenic area, offering you the flavors without borders, taking care of the tastes of different people, all kinds of flavors of all sizes!

Quality and luxury

Sofitel Louvre is the first home experience hotel in China, where you can enjoy 32 different types of home styles in 4 different styles, dreamy French rooms, stylish and modern post-modern rooms, and stylish new Chinese-style rooms. A modern, family-friendly room with a total of your heart.

The hotel's indoor pool, spa, fitness center and other facilities are perfect for a comfortable and relaxing holiday!