Zhong Yikang: The cumulative share of 2018 Haier refrigerators reached 34.8%

Recently, Yikang, the domestic authoritative market research institution, announced the cumulative annual share of the refrigerator market in the first half of 2018: Haier Refrigerator ranked first with a market share of 34.8%, and the market share of the second and third place was 11.6% and 11.3%. From the perspective of growth, Haier refrigerators increased by 13.4% year-on-year, ranking first in the industry; the second and third refrigerator brands increased by -11.1% and 6.6% respectively.

From the perspective of the industry, compared with the momentum of the increase in the amount in the first quarter of 2018, under the influence of unfavorable factors such as rising raw material prices and real estate regulation, the refrigerator market in November and May showed a negative growth trend. According to the total data displayed by Zhongyikang : In April and May of 2018, the retail volume of the refrigerator market increased by 10% and 9.1% respectively, and the retail sales increased by 3% and 2.2% year-on-year. As a result, the cumulative retail volume of the refrigerator market in January-May, the retail sales increased by 3.4% year-on-year. And positive growth of 6.8%.

In the face of the negative growth of industry sales, refrigerator companies agree that consumption upgrades drive product upgrades, and structural optimization is the most important driving force in the refrigerator industry at this stage. With the expansion of the middle class and young consumer groups, home appliance consumption has been popularized. Consumption shifts to healthy consumption. The most important factors that users pay attention to when purchasing refrigerators are preservation technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, among which, the leading fresh-keeping technology has attracted attention up to 41.3%. Therefore, the focus of refrigerator enterprises at this stage is the key direction. It should be healthy and fresh, energy saving, etc.

The reason why the Haier refrigerator can significantly lead other brands in the industry, a refrigerated, frozen comparison chart gives the answer. The figure shows that the yellow pepper after 7 days of refrigeration in Haier full space fresh-keeping refrigerator feast series and ordinary air-cooled refrigerator In the state of 'natural color' and 'color loss', the ice hockey after 7 days of freezing also showed the contrast between 'ice hockey' and the shape of 'ice' in two refrigerators. This is because the Haier cold storage room is equipped with original fine control. The micro-channel and dry-wet storage technology provide accurate temperature and humidity environment for the food, solve the pain points of the user's fruit and vegetable condensation, water loss and snoring; the freezer is equipped with intelligent constant temperature technology, and the freezing temperature is realized by installing the fan shielding device. , solved the problem of user's frozen ingredients and nutrient loss.

In addition to grasping the user's healthy consumption boom and carrying out the innovation and upgrading of the preservation technology, Haier Refrigerator's innovative interaction mode has also promoted the rapid growth of sales. It will take the yellow pepper and ice hockey experiment in the picture as a video, in the country's first and second big stores. More than 100,000 TV screens in the store are synchronized. Users can intuitively perceive the fresh-keeping effect of the refrigerator through video, and achieve good word-of-mouth communication, thus driving Haier's sales to rise.

Judging from the second-ranked refrigerator brand, it has adapted to the current trend of consumption upgrades, and has ensured that the ingredients are fresh and meet the high-quality living needs of users through humanized design and new preservation technology, thus opening up market sales. The refrigerator brand has previously released a new smart fresh-keeping product, which also enriches the user's purchase choice to some extent.

Under the environment of transformation and upgrading of the whole industry, taking the lead in capturing user demand has become the key to realize the industry's leadership. Haier refrigerator has won the market share by reducing the value of products to meet the needs of users under the driving of 'personal single-in-one' mode. It has achieved continuous leadership in the industry. It is foreseeable that Haier, which has gained market share with a share of 34.8%, will continue to lead the transformation and upgrading of the refrigerator industry in the future, explore new market development space, and set a benchmark for the industry.