How to pick a sweeping robot? 'Smart' | Enjoy a high quality of life

The pace of modern life is accelerating, and people's work is getting heavier. After ending the day's intense, fast-paced life, people want to be able to lie on a comfortable bed or on the sofa to enjoy the only leisure time of the day. However, At this moment, in this only leisure time, if you still have to deal with heavy chores, it will inevitably be annoying. The sweeping robot came into being. So, which brand of sweeping robot is better?

From the survey feedback in the market, the Fiona TOMEFON-TF-D60 sweeping robot belongs to the strongest brand in the smart home. Looking back at its product development history, Fiona TOMEFON can be said to be the first smart in the European market. The manufacturer of sweeping robots. So far, the sweeping robots produced by Fiona TOMEFON have been rated as the first choice for European intelligent sweeping robots for eight consecutive years. So, what is unique about the Fiona TOMEFON-TF-D60 sweeping robot? Where?

In addition to the four basic characteristics of the TOMEFON-TF-D60 sweeping robot itself, it also has great advantages in air volume and sealing. In addition, this product has great advantages. The 'intelligence' is also reflected in the positioning and navigation function. The Fiona TOMEFON-TF-D60 sweeping robot contains a variety of sensing and motion control coprocessor quad-core ZK-SOC chips, which can help sweeping robots Precise positioning and autonomous navigation indoors, and autonomous positioning of the indoor environment, sub-regional cleaning, in order to achieve the effect of 'high-precision linear cleaning and non-yaw', to maximize its effect, to ensure that Fiona TOMEFON-TF-D60 The sweeping robot does not have the problems of repeated cleaning, sweeping, etc. At the same time, the Fiona TOMEFON-TF-D60 sweeping robot also has a HSIR+ multi-point matrix intelligent composition system, which aims to more accurately plan the environment. Because only the precise positioning of the home environment can be used to further calculate the indoor cleaning plan, and truly implement scientific and efficient cleaning.

The Fiona TOMEFON-TF-D60 sweeping robot works mainly in the 'bow' cleaning. Unlike other brands of intelligent sweeping robots, the Fiona TOMEFON-TF-D60 scans the indoor environment in advance. A set of highly targeted 'bow'-shaped sweeping patterns is planned. This is a special type of 'bow' shaped pattern that cleans dead corners in the environment. Equally important, Fiona TOMEFON-TF-D60 It also has a one-button mute mode, 'one-button mute' itself is more convenient to operate, and can create a quiet environment for the user, in the operation according to the intelligent system to further determine the indoor environment, and then to detect the surrounding environment, In this way, the size and cleaning efficiency of the sweeping robot are adjusted. During the cleaning process, the TOMEFON-TF-D60 sweeping robot also adopts the variable frequency suction port, which can easily cope with various complicated dust removal environments, and then comprehensively do indoors. Cleaning work. In addition, the Fiona TOMEFON-TF-D60 sweeping robot is also equipped with a floating roller brush. When there is a lot of dust and particles in the room, it can be cleaned with a floating roller brush. Kinds of fiber bristles can penetrate into the gap for cleaning, thorough, easy removal.

It can be seen that the Fiona TOMEFON-TF-D60 sweeping robot has already covered all the cleaning tasks such as sweeping the floor and vacuuming. People can also have more time for their own leisure and entertainment. Since then, they have been cleaning the ground and saying 'bye bye'. luxury lifestyle.