In addition to sexy, 'sensible quality' | What also brought to the Galanz refrigerator?

When many manufacturers play various tricks on the refrigerator, Galanz is thinking about the origin of the refrigerator.

In 1927, the first fully enclosed refrigerator was born in the United States. It was a rounded single-door refrigerator. 90 years later, Galanz borrowed the design of luxury goods, used the engraving to pay tribute to the tradition, according to the modern aesthetic, retaining the original The charm of the design incorporates the design and manufacturing concept of 'perceptual quality'.

In 2017, Galanz has a rounded corner, and the retro refrigerator with the industrial design handle of the mid-20th century suddenly grabbed the limelight. It has seven colors including Tiffany Blue, Galanz Red, Dark Green, Sunshine Orange, Cream, etc. Models (from 100 to 800 liters, single door to double door), one network to play all kinds of needs. With zero difference evaluation, high value, strong function won the enthusiasm of young people.

This is a single-door retro refrigerator that sells for only a thousand yuan. However, its appearance and color are not inferior to those of foreign high-end luxury brands of more than 20,000 yuan, even better in performance. 4. The retro refrigerator reflects the glorious quality of Galanz.

The concept of 'sensible quality' proposed by Galanz is the standard for high-end industrial manufacturing. The so-called 'sensible quality' refers to the sense of quality felt through 'visual, tactile, and using'. Consumers are seeing, touching, smelling, When you touch it, you can feel it in your mind, and then stimulate the 'love' of the product. Simply put, it is 'five senses + love'.

In the eyes of consumers, the refrigerator has always been square, the color is white, mostly gray and dark. When Galanz decided to produce rounded color retro refrigerators more than two years ago, it made both outsiders fresh and confused. Starting from this refrigerator, Galanz began the exploration and practice of 'sensible quality'.

The visual design of Galanz's 'sensible quality' began with the modification of the appearance. The Galanz refrigerator engineers repeatedly polished the arc in the CAE software and integrated it to reproduce the industrial design style of Europe and the United States in the last century. Wonderful look.

When other refrigerators are popular, the Galanz has the handle as its own design feature. The straight outline draws on the design style of the last century luxury car, and becomes the two high-recognition design elements of the retro refrigerator, plus Galanz Red. A series of popular colors by Tiffany Blue, this 'sexy' refrigerator immediately stands out in the market.

The auditory training of the Galanz team can be made into a textbook.

In order to find a soft sound range, Galanz Chinese and foreign engineers have tried a variety of materials and design methods, constantly making molds, adjusting and modifying, until the refrigerator box is pulled to produce a pleasant sound. A new product development cycle includes design, verification ( The model), the sample (open mold), the trial production and the mass production are in five stages, and the sound range of each stage should be consistent. This difficulty far exceeds the tuning of the piano by the luthier.

In the design of the tactile experience, although the relative sound control is technically easier, it is extremely challenging for the engineering staff.

In order to make the handle pull experience better, Galanz refrigerator engineers have done more than a dozen handle models before and after, some are thick, some small, on the prototype, but also to ensure that the naughty children's hands hanging on the handle will not fall off. Finally, A handle with an industrial design style in the mid-20th century was selected, and the back was covered with a layer of moist rubber material to avoid the cold feel and greatly enhance the experience of the refrigerator.

After a long period of exploration, Galanz's Chinese and foreign R&D team finally presented a 'sexy' retro refrigerator in front of consumers. The new design concept broke the traditional manufacturing imprisonment, and actively embraced the market trend of consumption upgrades with high cost performance.