Equipped with the new Acer APU | Lenovo ideacentre AIO520 machine to get started

AMD Ruilong APU products have been on the market for some time. I believe that you have seen them in various tests and complete machines. Good CPU and GPU performance have been well received by the market.

The subsequent low-power version of the Ryzen5 2400GE further reduced the TDP to a level of 35W, and the lower heat generation made it more convenient to appear in a smaller body. Today we want to share with you. An all-in-one with a new Ryzen 2400GE processor.

Configuration details

Lenovo's AIO 520 all-in-one is part of Lenovo's ideacentre front line. We got a 24-inch version with Ryzen 5 2400GE processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB solid state drive and 1TB mechanical hard drive. The screen resolution is 1920x1080. Built-in noise reduction microphone and pop-up camera.

Appearance details

The AIO520 features a 23.8-inch 1920x1080 resolution IPS screen with a matte anti-glare film. The viewing angle is 178°.

The screen adopts integrated full-coverage glass design, three-sided narrow frame, and the official nominal screen ratio is 87%.

↑↑↑ 'Chin' is a speaker array with good sound quality.

↑↑↑ bracket supports pitch angle adjustment

The design of the back of the fuselage is very simple, there is no excessive fancy design. The vent is located directly above, and the interface area is concentrated in the lower right.

Interface part, from left to right Power interface, RJ45 network port, HDMI output, three USB2.0 ports, one USB3.0 interface, one HDMI input interface. The all-in-one can be used as a monitor by using the HDMI input interface.

In addition, in order to facilitate the daily insertion and removal of portable devices such as USB flash drives, AIO520 also has a 3.0 specification USB interface on the lower left side of the fuselage..

The hidden camera module is placed on the top of the fuselage and can be ejected when pressed. It is a good solution to the problem of micro-border high-screen ratio and camera conflict, which is similar to the recent NEX mobile phone idea introduced by vivo.

The camera has a -8° downward tilt angle, which optimizes the effect during video calls. The array microphone can effectively collect sound information within 4 meters. It makes the video and video conferencing of friends and relatives easy.

A set of mouse and keyboard products with the same color matching is presented. The keyboard feel is very similar to the ThinkPad, which is an excellent level in the membrane keyboard.

The same design language is also reflected in the design of the mouse, and it is also a product that feels good. We can't ask for more as a gift.

Screen quality

For an all-in-one, the quality of the screen is particularly important as a non-replaceable part. We tested the screen of the model using the Starscream 5 Color Corrector.

The ↑↑↑sRGB color gamut coverage is 99%, and the performance is very good, which can fully meet the needs of retouching.

↑↑↑ NTSC color gamut coverage is 71%, which is also very good.

CPU performance test

The AIO 520 is powered by AMD's new low-power version of the ASUS Ryzen 5 2400GE, which has a lower CPU frequency than the previous Ryzen 5 2400, and the GPU remains unchanged. The TDP has been significantly reduced from the previous 65W to 35W. More energy-saving and lower heat, more suitable for small size and high integration equipment.

In CineBench R15, with four physical cores and direct access to Hyper-Threading technology, Ryzen 5 2400GE achieved 424cb multi-core scores, single-thread performance also reached 130cb. Very good performance.

In the same commonly used chess test, the multi-thread performance reached 7,400 thousand steps per second, and the performance was quite 15.42 times that of the Pentium 3, and the performance was satisfactory.

In the 7-Zip compression decompression test, the score performance of 11793MIPS proves the advanced nature of the Ruilong lineage.

GPU performance

The Ryzen 5 2400GE integrates a GPU core with the latest Vega architecture. It has 11 CU units with a maximum frequency of 1250MHz.

We tested it using Firestrike Moss, the authoritative graphics testing software 3DMark.

The graphics score reached 2,597 points, which is comparable to entry-level discrete graphics. Performance has reached 2.5 times that of Intel integrated graphics.

Game measurement

In the past, Intel platform display models can guarantee daily use, but the game performance is basically negligible, and AMD's APU series can often bring unexpected surprises to consumers.

What is the performance of the Ryzen 5 2400GE on the AIO520 in the actual game? We selected the most powerful player base of the League of Legends to test, the highest quality at 1920x1080 resolution, and the frame rate performance using Fraps.

↑↑↑ image quality settings as shown

It can be seen that the game runs very smoothly, and the whole process is basically maintained above 60FPS. The average frame rate is up to 76.5FPS, with the wrong screen and mouse and keyboard feel, the game experience is very good.

to sum up

Lenovo AIO 520 as a one-piece machine equipped with Acer processor, left us a very good impression. Good body size control, ultra-narrow frame high-quality screen, rich interface equipped with details Very sincere.

And because of the addition of the new Acer APU, both the performance of the CPU and the GPU have reached the very high level of the same positioning machine products.

Such an all-in-one product is still very suitable for home entertainment and office space that needs to save space, and all this is only 4699 yuan, the price is very competitive.